How do I purchase products from

Product types offers two different kinds of products: electronic (file-download) products, and tangible (printed) products. Each product description states the type of the respective product. Delivery of these product types is handled differently – obviously (see below). Most electronic products come as PDF documents and are also optimised for printing.


For payments, we use the fast and secure services of PayPal. If you have a credit card, you do not need to open a PayPal account – while Paypal will process your payment, but you don't necessarily need to sign-up with Paypal (although you can if you wish).

Alternative Payment Methods

If you wish to pay using a credit card, please enter the correct address and contact details for your credit card authorisation before proceeding to complete checkout. You will then be transferred to the Paypal site. Once on the Paypal site, you should choose to pay with your preferred credit card.

Delivery – Electronic Products

All purchased electronic products become available for download right after the transaction is completed (usually a matter of seconds after checking out from PayPal, though on occassion this can be delayed). You will then receive a automatically generated e-mail containing a unique download link. You can also download your purchased product(s) from the My account section (Files tab) of

Delivery – Printed Products

All purchased tangible (printed) products will be shipped to you as soon as we receive you payment for your order. Shipping will be in addition to the amounts set out the catalog. Shipping cost will be calculated based on your location; and included in the total payment required before complete your order and make your PayPal payment.

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