Poetic Maps?

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Thanks to everyone who answered my previous thread, it did help understand the situation with the publishers and so forth (I guess I'll just have to get HMG and decide which one, or which pieces of that and HM3 I prefer).

The new question is, does anyone have any links or suggestions on where to get poetic maps? It would be great to actually be able to hand out stuff like that, but all of the products (and downloads at lythia.com) seem to be accurate maps more for GM use, and not what the characters in a campaign would be seeing (barring perhaps a skilled pilot's navigational charts or equivalent).

I'd be most interested in poetic maps of Harn (whole), sub-areas like the three western states, the eastern Harnic kingdoms, Melderyn, the east-west caravan route on Harn, and some Venarivan (Venariveish? Venarivean?) areas such as Harbaal, Chelemby & surrounding isles, etc.

I'm really not good at drawing myself ;)

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Maps for Harn locations are going to (mostly) be in the list of CG releases. The exception to that is KP's release of a map of the entire island of Harn (a very good one, I might add), but it's hardly poetic . . .

A poetic map of Harn graces the back cover of HarnPlayer. Frankly, I found that release to not be worth the price, but that's only my opinion. Many of the older Harn modules (Kaldor, Kanday, etc.) included kingdom-specific poetic maps, although the older releases can be hard to find. The new release of Kaldor has a poetic map, but I don't know about Kanday and they're still working on the rest.

CG also released a poster-sized color poetic map of the island of Harn and it's quite nice for the gaming den wall, though it probably exceeds anything that an actual Harnian would ever see.

KP has released a poetic map of the Kingdom of Chelemby and surrounding lands and another of the city of Chelemby.

As for other mapping alternatives, consider the following:

The black-and-white settlement maps with numbers are meant for the GM.

The color settlement maps without numbers are meant for the players, representing what a person would be able to see while walking through a settlement. Some people lay those out on the table and use a piece of clear plastic with a dot on it to show the party's location as they move around.

HarnMaster has long included the concept of memory maps. That is, the players make their own maps representing their characters' memories of places they've traveled. Personally, I encourage players to keep a list of places they've been and use Intelligence/Memory tests to answer questions like, "What's the fastest way from Baseta to Minarsas without passing through Olokand?" (Answer: "Ye canna get there from here!")

Of course, I do that because I've never had a player who could map worth a damn . . . ;-)

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In the Downloads section of this website, under "product expansions" there is a PDF map called "Charts of Salónen Ekàtriása" which covers the Gulf of Shorkyne very nicely. it probably is not something to give to the players, but it should be helpful nonetheless.

Also in the Downloads is the Chélemby City Poetic Map.

The Ledenheim kingdom article available here on the KP website includes a couple poetic maps of the southern Harbaal area. However, they have been criticized as perhaps being the weakest part of the product. (This may be a fair assessment, but keep in mind that I wrote the module and also drew one of the maps.)

The old "Curse of Hlen" adventure module includes a 2-page poetic map of Harbaal and Hurisea. This and some of the old kingdom modules (which include peotic maps) may be tough to get hold of, but you may be able to ask around and get someone to provide you a scan of a particular map.