Bloodloss regeneration

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Hi All!

Question about bloodloss regeneration: When shall one use the blood regeneration table on page Physician 4 (healing table)?

It seems that a bleeder (B1, B2, B3 etc) must be stopped by treatment (pressure etc). If not the victim bleeds to death sooner or less. I don't see when a regeneration roll can be made.

Grateful for answers.


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Hello Hermes,

Take a look at Glossdex 5 Bloodregeneration. All points of bloodloss count as one injury, so you have one Healing Role a day.


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If you're using HM3 instead of HMG (you weren't specific), a similar mechanic is used where cumulative bloodloss from multiple injuries is treated as one injury that heals over time. Look under the heading, Blood Regeneration, on Physician 4; the Blood Regeneration table is on Physician 3.

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Thanks for replies -- so if there is one bloodreg roll each day that means pretty much that you only roll once and then if you did not regenerate up to 0 BP you are surely already going to die, since you loose 1 BP each round and when total BP exceeds END x2 then death occurs.

Example: You have 1 BP. You suceed the blood reg roll, hence now you have 0 BP and will not bleed to death.

Example You have 2 BP. Then you must suceed critically to gain 2 BP, which then gives 0 BP, otherwise if only MS then you have still 1 BP and if you do not roll until next day you are surely dead.

This also means that 3+ BP cannot heal without treatment.

So the main question is (again) how frequent you can roll this blood regeneration (without treatment).


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I am using HMgold.


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The rules for HMG bloodloss can't be THAT different from HM3 . . .

Your character is in combat and over the course of the fight takes a S2 wound from an edged weapon. The wound is a bleeder and your character begins to lose blood at the rate of one BP per round. He has to fight for three more rounds before dispatching his opponent (BP = 3). He begins to try and stop the bleeding by rolling against his Physician skill (opening it as OML 1!) modified by his Universal Penalty (at least 2 for the wound plus any fatigue). He fails miserably in the fourth and fifth rounds (BP = 5).

In the sixth round, his friend comes rushing to his aid. The friend rolls against his Physician skill to stop the bleeding. Being much more skilled, he succeeds on the second attempt in the seventh round (BP = 6, bleeding stopped).

Your character is no longer in danger of bleeding to death (BP > End means death). However, he now has to regenerate 6 points of bloodloss. This is a "wound" with an automatic healing rate of HR6 (in HM3) and he gets a healing roll every five days (in HM3).

[HMG would multiply the bloodloss points by five and give him a healing roll every day, but the mechanic is the same.]

On the fifth day, your character makes a healing roll (HR6 x End) and critically succeeds, restoring two points of bloodloss (BP = 4). On the tenth day, he makes a healing roll and marginally succeeds, restoring one point of bloodloss (BP = 3).

On the eleventh day, he gets in a fight and loses 5 more BP before the bleeding is stopped (BP = 8). The five day counter resets and on day 16, he resumes making healing rolls and trying to regenerate those 8 bloodloss points.

HMG undoubtedly handles it differently, but similarly. When you sustain a bleeding wound, the bleeding continues at the rate of one BP per round until the bleeding is stopped or the character dies. Once the bleeding is stopped, the bloodloss is converted to a "wound" with a healing rate against which you make healing tests to regenerate.

Bleeding? Make a Physician test to STOP the bleeding before you die (takes seconds).

Bloodloss? Make a Healing test to REGENERATE the lost blood (takes days).

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First you have to separate Bleeding and the treatment of bleeding from the helaing of bloodloss.
Let's take the guy from the example.

He has a minor bleeder and get one bloodloss point per round until a treatment stops the loss. IF he reach his Endurance he will be unconsious and with 2 X Endurance he is dead.
The treatment is pressure, clean & dress with a bonus of +30% to the medical skill.
If you have a MS or CS the bleeding stops. Now he has 8 bloodlosspoints. (look at Glosdex5)
The next day, after an amount of rest you can make a healing roll.
With bloodloss it's a constant value of 6 times the Endurance.
With a margianl success you loose 1 bloodlosspoint, with a critical 2.

In the treatment table there is an EE for the Success of the treatment roll, meaning the wound would be healed the next day without anny further healing roll. I have the feeling that's a little bit strange. ("OK, now i have 15 bloodpoints, but its just a minor bleeder, after the treatment and a day of rest it's gone")
For Bloodloss I do it the way I described it.


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Now I see! Thanks. Thanks to both of you Jack and Cyrion.


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Actually there's a step missing from the rules interpretations above; here's how I figure it actually happens:

First Aid comes, er...first, a bleeder must be stopped at the earliest opportunity, using the Tourniquet/Pressure table on Combat 10, checking each round until Bleeding Rate = 0 (or one is dead). Pressure must be maintained (with adequate precautions) awaiting proper treatment.

Treatment (from Physician 4) is then applied, which takes at least several minutes and can't be done in combat on someone spouting arterial blood all over the place; failure may re-start bleeding, which must be stopped first before treatment can be continued. The EE result is this context means that the wound is patched up good and won't start bleeding again. This doesn't affect the accumulated IPs of Bloodloss.

Healing then takes place, with an automatic HR of 6 as outlined above. A special diet (physicians will prescribe you horse-meat and broth of beef marrow) may give a moderate bonus to blood regeneration.

Hope this helps reducing the apparent confusion, perhaps created by the placement of the first immediate part of the treatment in the Combat (where it happens) rather than Physician (where one instinctively migh hope to find it) rule section.

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I missed this part...

I never used this rule, overreaded it.

Many thanks