Combat against large/small creatures

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Hi again Folks!

After a long break, I this day set up two topics on the forum. So I am back in action! This is the second one.

When a human combats a dragon (or larger creature), it feels a bit unfair to the dragon that it shall use the same combat tables. I mean, a sword for a dragon is more like a knife for a human. How shall one deal with this?
A dragon does not fall into chock so easily for instance and that should be reflected by the rules. Stumble and fumble rolls also, as bleeders should be easier to overcome for a large beast. No?

A little thought gave me the following idea: Since dragons/large beasts have high endurance, lets us use that! ;-)
For chock rolls/etc make the following modifications. Instead of just testing CON do the following:

IP 1-5: CON + 3 times END
IP 6-10: CON + 2 times END
IP 11-15: CON + END.
IP 16+ : CON

This was a first idea I had. Anyone has a better idea? Would be very grateful or comments/answers.

Be(a)st regards,

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A new article addressing this issue was just released on - HM3 Creature Size Die. I only skimmed it once and saw a few ideas I liked and a few I didn't; I plan on perusing it in greater detail later. However, you might use that as a starting point. The article did include tables that give larger creatures like dragons a substantial advantage when making shock rolls against wounds inflicted by smaller creatures. It also had some good ideas about modifications to the outnumbering penalty based upon size (which I really liked).

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Many thanks for this Jack!

I will take a look.