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Hi,Long time Harn gamemaster. I have been collecting material since 1983. Also I have ran a campaign or two. I have been in the process of getting a new campaign started up in Chelemby. I was rereading the newest Harnmaster Gold rules to refresh my memory, and I came across several errors of a fairly obvious nature. These should probably be corrected.

1. The weapon comparison table in the new edition is a mess. The chart is missing the tower shield column ( The column for kite shield is labelled tower shield). Also while you renumbered the defenses 1 through 4 instead of 0 through 3 nobody thought to change the attach defense classes on the weapon charts.

2. I just noticed that the rules for crosswinds are different on the chart and in the body of the text. On the chart it is a column shift (which is according to the text in the rules actually how you reflect a head or tailwind). In the text a crosswind over 1 is a -10xWF penalty to EML. This particular error was also in the old original Harnmaster Gold.

I looked around here and on Lythia and could not find anyone commenting on these errors. I find it hard to believe noone else has ever noticed this (especiaaly the mangled A/D chart.

Any possibility that Kelestia could make corrections to the chart pages?

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Looks like you have identified an issue. It also looks like it was missed because people were using the Weapon Comparison Table, rather than the Weapon Charts to determine Attack / Defence class.

We hope to have a fix posted soon. All existing customers will be able to re-download updated versions of Hârnmaster Gold Player Edition, and we will post the tables separately as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



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Thanks for the prompt reply. I did find a few errors in the Harnmaster Gold Gamemaster's Edition as well. This maybe a nitpick but about halfway through in the Aging rules and beyond many of the optional rule boxes mutated to the cross footnote symbol. While I don't believe this is a game breaker it does make the book look a little less professional.

Thank You, James Turpen.

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We are reviewing this issue - it appears two kinds of inconsistency crept in, and we need to determine which way to go to re-create consistency.


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Hi everyone

We have resolved this issue. Updated Combat Tables and Weapon Comparison Tables for HârnMaster Gold are available for free download.

If you have already purchased HMG Players' Edition, you can also re-download the full version of HârnMaster Gold Players' Edition with these changes incorporated. Any copies of HMG Players' Edition downloaded after 26 September 2010 incorporate these fixes and changes.

Regards and thanks