Issues with downloading

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Tonight I purchased the Shorkyne Interactive Map, along with the Harn printed map. I did get the e-mail notification of the transaction and the paypal notice. However, even after hours, this product does not appear among my possible downloads.

As another issue, I have seen that Chelemby City has had a revision and I wanted to download an updated copy. When I originally purchased this item (see another post on this forum) the download continuously failed. Jan Elshoff was kind enough to set up a personal download for me back then and I did get the product. However, clicking on the Chelemby City link in my download area now gives me the same issues as originally. How might I get a copy of the updated Chelemby City?

Thank you for your help.

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It seems that because you also ordered the print copy of the Harn Map, and that order hasn't been fully processed yet, the download file wasn't added to your list of downloads. I have now added it manually.

I will contact you directly about Chelemby.



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Thank you. I got Chelemby City from the link you sent me and it worked.

However,when I download and then try to open or extract Shorkyne, the result is an "invalid or corrupted" file.

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Seems you are having more than your fair share of download issues! Not sure why there is an issue with the Shôrkýnè file - as I know many others have successfully downloaded and opened it, but there are many gremlins that can strike on the internet.

I've sent you another, dedicated, download link just for you. Hopefully this will work for you.

Regards and thanks


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Thank you for your quick action on this. I have Shorkyne, and it is very beautiful!

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Hi there,

Thought i'd use this thread here instead of opening up a new one.

It seems i can't download any of the pdf files in your download section. I wanted to preview some things and also download some of the free stuff.
I also tried out going through check-out for some of the free items but paypal somehow cannot process an order with the amount of 0.00$ ... they always want me to change the amount.

Can you look into this?

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Hi there! Sorry to hear you're having download issues...

The products for "zero dollars" are meant to be free add-ons for actual purchases. This allows customers to collect and download their modules all in one place (their My AccountFiles section).

However, all of these micro modules are also available as free stand-alones from our Downloads section. They can be downloaded by anyone -- you don't even have to be registered at

I've just retested downloading several of the free files and found them all to transfer perfectly well. Are there any files in particular you're having trouble with?