Captain Márden's Tale - discussion

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I'm interested in people's view of this tale.

Does it help reveal Shôrkynè? How else are people finding it useful?

Would more such stories help GMs and players?



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We have provided an illustrated PDF version of Márden's Tale.

Appreciate any feedback or comments.



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Quiet season for comments . . . LOL

Personally, I thought the effort and artistry involved was a nice addition to a good story. I can see this sort of thing being useful as a handout to players to give them the feel of politics in Shorkyne. A collection of these might also make a good pre-generated group for players that didn't wish to create their own (convention-style gaming).

On a side note, Marden's and Tara's stories have been mentioned as supporting the release of a maritime article that I don't think I've ever heard of. What's in the pipeline now that Venarive is fresh off the electronic presses?

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KP has two publications in the pipe which I expect to be out in the next few months.

The first is a location supplement; it might have been published before Xmas but the artist had another commission with a hard deadline which he had to honor, and the writer (me) needs to finish off some add'l content to make the page layout come out right. It could conceivably be out for HarnCon, but don't get your hopes up.

There is an adventure which is also in an advanced state. I haven't been following its status closely but understand it could see the light of day in March. It is likely to be playtested at HarnCon.

There is a another publication well along the works which connects with Marden and Tara stories. It's kind of a hybrid product, so I don't whether to call it an adventure supplement, a rules supplement, or both, or neither. I would expect this will be out next year, but spring, summer, fall? I don't know. (Sometimes things which look like they're moving along quickly get stuck when they get into the editing process and something important is discovered to be flawed or even missing.)

There are some map products which should begin to come out very soon and then continue at reasonably regular intervals. The biggest hang up on these is, again, me. Knock wood -- this might start before HarnCon.

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I know it's been a long time since this thread was posted, but I really enjoyed this story, and downloaded the pdf version for future reads. It was fun to read, and it did the job of giving me a good idea of the geography of the region the characters were living in.

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great to hear Scott :)

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Is the PDF still available? If so, where would I find it?


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Currently the 8th item down the first page.