Typos, Mistakes?

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Hi, these might be some inadvertent mistakes...

Initiative on Skills table (Skills 7) has sunsign modifier Ahn/Ang/Nad +1, but on Glossdex 19 it says: "There is no astrological modifier."

On combat tables under Armor Protective Values if you add Ring & Cloth you should get B2 E6 P1 F4 S1 T5, but under Combinations Chart its listed as B3 E7 P2 F6 S1 T6. It seems that the Ring+Leather combination was accidentally used in its place. I believe this error extends down to the generic armor profiles. Under armor Light(I) a Ring half helm and Cloth cowl are giving B3 E7 P2 protection to skull (too high), the same protection value is given to Medium (A)armor whenever Ring+Cloth coincide and this might be found in other places too.

An asterisk (*) denotes that Point Aspect is optional and, if included, reduces basic Weapon Quality by one (1)on the weapons data tables. Handaxe and Warhammer both had point as optional in HM1 and HM3 has this changed under HMG or was this accidentally left off?

Players edition mentions Chivalric weapons under Combat 1, but does not inform you what these are and neither does the Weapon Data Tables. It does seem to be found in the GMs edition under a treasure table for weapons. I of course know which are Chivalric, but a new player or GM to Harn might find it useful if listed in Players edition on Combat tables.

Thank you for your time, I hope I was not too nitpicky.


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On Character Generation 6 - the Frame Interpretation table on the sidebar - refers to Scant, Light, Medium, Heavy, Massive

On Character Generation 9 - the Agility Modification table on the sidebar - refers to Large frame.

That might be a typo.

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Do you want more of this kind of thing posted here?

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We are happy for this to be posted here, but you can also email me directly at 'jeremy@kelestia.com' if you would prefer.

Regards and thanks


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1. Does Physical Penalty include encumbrance modifiers?

2. "Physical & Combat Skills
These skills are based on physical and sensory attributes and are all
subject to PHYSICAL PENALTY and (if the rule is in force) ENCUMBRANCE" (Skills 6)."
Does that mean that mean Encumbrance is applied to Condition in shock rolls?

3. Regaining Consciousness
"An unconscious character tests CONDITION (subject to PHYSICAL PENALTY) on each subsequent turn"(Glossdex 33). Would Encumbrance penalties apply to my roll to regain consciousness?

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Advanced Combat Rule: "A character struck to the body,
head or neck with an Impact in excess of Strength , is
knocked back one hex. A character who is knocked back
makes a STUMBLE ROLL. A knockback of a mounted
character unhorses her/him. See UNHORSING."

So is this Effective Impact (after Armor) or normal Impact (before armor reduction)?

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Hello Severin,

1. No, Physical Penalty is the sum of injury and fatigue penalty. Me think bcause Ecumbrance is an option it was not taken into the Physical Penalty.
2. Yes. Condition is a physical Skill, so if Encumbrance is in effect it is deducted from Condition if you must test the skill.
3. Yes ...
to 2. and 3.
from the rulebook the Encumbrance is substrated from Condition, but if I am laying on the ground how should my equipment bother me. In my group we do not deduct Encumbrance from condition to regain consciousness. I used this in my group if someone needs to be awaken from sleep or so.
We use the old shockrole system from Hârnmaster 1st ED. with 2 - 5 d6 and the Endurance Index.

I use the whole Impact to decide knockbacks and the effective Impact to see for the damage done to PC or NPC. Me think the armour doesn't prevent to be hit, so the full Impact can drive me back. But the armour reduce the Impact for damage.

Hope it will help you.

PS @Jeremy just a typo: in the Bookmark of the Player Edition is Sindârin not replaced with Sinái

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1. ENC.
I too would like to see some clarification on the Encumbrance issue. In the Glossdex it says Condition is subject to Physical Penalty. But it does not mention Encumbrance. If Enc does apply I would like to see it said under Condition and Shock that if this optional rule is in play it does apply.

On the other hand to muddle things up some more in the Glossdex it states under Encumbrance that:

"A heavily encumbered character is less able to perform certain physical actions such as running, jumping or fighting."

If we are nit-picky it does say "certain physical actions" not all, so maybe it does not apply to condition or shock?

Personally I don't think Encumbrance should apply to shock rolls.

2. Knockback.
In HM3 knockback was effective damage (after reducing for armor). This seems to make it more difficult to knock someone back with a very light weapon that by itself does little damage. So if someone stabs a knight's Plate helm with a Taburi/knife they are less likely to knock him back. Instead it would require a heavier and maybe bigger weapon like a Maul or Battle Axe to increase the odds of knockback.

I may be wrong but it seems that if its not effective damage, but normal damage then it would be easier (not easy just easier) to knock people back with light weapons or even a fist to the Knights Plate helm. This maybe how its intended and designed, but again I might like a little clarity especially for someone like me who is moving from HM3 to HMG. A simple line stating that its the damage before armor reduction not after would help.

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Hey Gregorius,

1. It is a matter of likeness.
In the Playerediton is written:

"Physical & Combat Skills
These skills are based on physical and sensory attributes and are all
subject to PHYSICAL PENALTY and (if the rule is in force) ENCUMBRANCE."

Condition is a physical skill, so Encumbrance has to be subtracted.
But is a shock role the same as a role on Dodge or Acrobatic. It might be a not just physical to resist the shock.

2. Knockback
I have an example from the time I start my HMG Group. We consider to take the effictive impact, when one of my player said:

"OK, I'm Mr. Notsogood Knight and I'm not very strong. Now I stand here and wear my good quilt, mail and plate layers of armour.
Someone hits me with his ugly sword, brrrr.
OK. I am knockbacked because I am weak, but I am not damaged because I wear my nice and big armour."

So we calculate first if some is knockbacked(*is this written the right way, or how should I write it? not sure;-)*)then we see if he is damaged.

my 2 pence

edit a few typos

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Hi all!

I only recently found HMG and frankly it seems to me one of the best RPG ever made: too bad that I don't have discovered it before (but, you know, it is better late than never!).

Okay, let's come to the point: I think I found a couple of typos/mistakes, but I'm learning now the rules and I could be wrong:

1) Player Edition → Combat 20 → Weapon Damage Variants → Option 2 → the optional rule states that "As for Option 3", but I think it meant Option 1 (or not?).

2) Player Edition → Physician 3 → Contagion Roll → ...whether a character catches a disease test Condition + ([CI – 3] x 5), but at Glossdex 10 it says Condition – (CI x 5): well, I'm little confused!

I found also some little errors (mainly punctuation errors), but they're totally harmless.

Thanks in advance for your help and have fun!

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Hi, Oz,

On your first point, it should read "Option 1", correct.

On diseases: my guess is that you could make those three separate options! Option (1): Condition - (CI x 5), or (2): Condition - ([CI-3] x 5) or (3): Endurance x CI. The three will give different lethalities (generally 3 would be most lethal, then 2, with 1 least lethal) to suit your tastes for your p-Harn.

Disease is always a tricky thing to model "well". It relies on characters being exposed to appropriate vectors, when the character most likely has no idea what those vectors are... As always, with Harn, choose your seasoning to taste!


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under quilt shirt it list "Ua Sh Tx Ab" as protection areas
but in the premade armor Light F it adds HP and GR it also list arms area which i get as its says it with sleeves but why add hip and groin

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thanks for the notice! We'll work on getting corrections.

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Hi there,

I've seen a error on page "Combat 12" which also affects the combat table sheets.
The actual difference is :

Text - Type 2 Attack: MF 1d30+25"; Table - 1d100+25"
Text - Type 2 Attack: CF 1d100+55"; Table - 1d100+125"

So which one is the correct one?

The plausible logic for the table seems not correct, if compared how the Type 1 Missile Deviation works.

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On 'Talents 1' in the GM Rules - the table for talents is missing the 16th column as result of the 1d20 roll.
So if I asume the 17th column is the 16th and so on, but for the 20th column it would result in a nine for AUR21 (logically concluded). The text below the table clearly state the maximum as 8. Or reverse calculated the 11-12 column need an expansion to 11-13.
Which way is correct?

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I'd say the simplest fix would be to follow your first route – 17th column is 16th column and so on – and then simply give AUR 21+ 9 talent rolls on a d20 roll of 20. Then change the '8' to a '9' in the text below.

Overall, this gives a nice 0–9 talent roll range for the entire table.

Walt McAtee
KP Staff

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The table is incorrect. The Type 2 MF result should be 1d30+25 inches and the CF should be 1d100+55 inches, like the text says. The Type 2 sidebar example supports this: its MF shot deviates 1d30+25 inches.

Walt McAtee
KP Staff