Pre-Requisites to run a campaign in Chélemby?

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Hi everyone. I am new to the Hârn Material (both from Columbia Games or from Kelestia). I am thinking of running a campaign in Chélemby (mostly city, but also involving the rest of the kingdom), and all I know about it is what is written in the Venârivè module. The question is: would the core and Chelémby modules (Venârivè, Chélemby kingdom, Chélemby city, Evánekin, Kolâdis) be enough, or would I have to get some other HârnWorld material from Columbia Games? I already purchased the Venârivè and the Chélemby city PDFs.

By the way, great job guys. The level of detail in both text and illustration is amazing.

Thanks in advance.

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Provided you have a copy of KP's Kingdom of Chelemby, there is essentially nothing that CGI sells that you would find useful for a Chelemby-based campaign.

That you have Chelemby City might be enough for a fun campaign anyway, but the Kingdom PDF would provide a fair amount of additional background that you would likely find useful.

That said, you would probably find KP's Atlas Kelestia Folio #1 highly useful if the characters travel outside the city. Evanekin and Koladis would come in handy if the PCs head those directions.