Great Clans of Emelrene errata

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A few things I've spotted:

Lathor and Dernel keeps are coloured as Duchy of Charones on the map, but they are Duchy of Jerinal according to the text.

There are numerous errors under Earldom of Quandas (ELMERENE CLANS 5):
Basane and Lengis keeps are in Alwina Shire, not Quandas.
Celose is in Fandalon Shire, not Quandas.
Molor keep (which is in Quandas Shire!) has been omitted from the text.

I'm not sure if this is an error, but I thought I'd also point out (since the case is unique) that on ELMERENE CLANS 8 Rhyddyn and its aina are shown as having identical names.


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Thanks Ian

These errors have been fixed in the version now available.

Something strange clearly happened in the layout for the Earl of Quándas...!

Good spotting re clan Rhýddyn; but no, its not an error :)