Night People

Priest of NavéhWandering rural travellers, the Night People are well-known, little understood, and widely hated or feared. The night people travel in family groups in black wagons festooned with brightly coloured flags and painted images. Periodically, they stop to trade with local villagers, and occasionally they tarry for a while, hosting nightly revels until the authorities drive them on because of an increase in local crime.

The night people are known for their strange powers. Usually there is a seer among them, and they are great gamblers, dancers and tellers of tales. It is considered bad luck to kill a Night Person; the murderer is almost always found dead within a short time. Common folk look upon the Night People with a mixture of fascination, dread, and loathing. Landless and unprotected, they are the lowest of the low, yet the possess strange powers and always have thrilling tales beyond the local area.

They are sometimes called the Southerners or (in some places) the Island People because they are variously believed to originate from Karéjia or from the southern shores of the Venârian Sea. Many have the olive or swarthy skin tones characteristic of people from those places.

Few if any outside of this group realise that of the Night People are followers of the Thief of Heaven, Navéh. As they travel about, they exchange news, messages and stolen goods with other followers of the Lord of the Pitch Shadows, sometimes even providing cover for travelling assassins. As independent groups, the Night People are not tied to any of the urban Navéhan temples, but generally maintain good relations with most of them.