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Keléstia Productions has the schedule for the first eight or so issues of Atlas Keléstia planned out, but we don't have a set list of what we will publish thereafter. If you have a special need, or even just a strong wish, for a particular map square or group of map squares, please tell us about it here. We have already slotted SHKN-J5 in as the second issue because we were working on the Ledénheim area and heard from a gamemaster that he was running a campaign centered around Ôrgetkin. (P.S.: No promises, but we will listen.)

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Hark, Hark!
I wish to see the coastline maps,Lédenheim and
the big rivers upstream (to the bigger cities).

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The second Ledenheim square is out. The next square will be down south on the Shorkyni coast, but we'll be returning to Ledenheim shortly.

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I am not entirely happy with the icon used for shipwrecks. This could be a bit more in character with the background for my taste.

What I would like to have is also a pdf-version of the maps that prints double sized in the same layout as the CG and fanon maps.

You could also do a pretty cheap pack covering the open sea ranges (or a full set of all 140 to be used for all regional maps). Do it once in blue and double the set for white (for self drawn maps or player maps). This should be possible with just some hours of work.

Regarding the content, you should cover what has background. Starting with Ledenheim and sparsely settled coastal areas is a good way - as was the former mappack covering Chelemby - so just continue here.

From here, selected coastal areas with important ports may help those parties who just travel through Shorkyne, especially when they are accompanied with seperate modules on the ports. These may then serve as entry points either inland to expand the kingdoms, or outwards towards the ports of Ivinia and Venarive.

Naturally we DO want everything now, but making maps without properly developed background will just lead to tears and new versions later on - this MAY be valid to get some maps fast, or at least faster as the "soon to be released Trierzon (fall 87)":

Argonel with Cape Kalam, eg, needs coverage, as any party will pass it.

Well, enough for now...

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I would like to see Ledenheim completely covered as that area already has its own modules. After that, the real question is: Does KP plan to further develop Harbaal to the west or Hurisea to the east?

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Jack, I5 Zyna will be one of the next two Atlas Kelestia releases. There should be at least one more Ledenheim area map out by the end of June.

After that, it will be a matter of balancing the need to post revisions of the Chelemby area maps, do maps of areas that KP people are personally interested in, and work on the areas suggested by folks here. I do think though that some of western Hurisea will show up in the next few months.

Puster, Cape Kalam is one I have been thinking about, but I need to consult with Fastred about what unpublished development has already been done for that area.

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Now that Helegat has arrived and Zyna is definitely coming (and hopefully Leden I6, too), I would like to add a couple to my wish list:

Haltinan (B7) - Not represented on the old Shorkyne-map, it provides a nice haven for the odd trader, or a rallying point for vikings from different clans.

And while we go viking, Tavu [Iv D10], certainly would be a good first step to venture into the north.

Now off to the more distant dreams...
For the south, Tarkain would make a nice map quadruple, though this one certainly demand quite a bit of background work.

If the maritime module comes off (or even without, the Pilots Almanac is among the best buys I ever made), a naval map (the Pilots Rutter) just depicting the coastlines (and probably mountains or other obstrusive landmarks nearby) without any development of the interior would be something I crave for - especially if it expands in details and/or extends on the existing regional maps. The Venarian sea would suffice for starters :-)

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I would like some maps from beyond the ocean...


Kaldor and Azadmere

up to Norons keep

That would be great

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I would like to see areas like northern Harbaal and Ivinia done. There is plenty for GMs to work with there and it ties into Southern Harbaal, Chelemby and Alagon quite well.

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With respect to Shorkyne, some of the major ports would be good - H6 (Varkenheim), H3 (Ifane), H9 (Sagora), and E8 (Turesgal) are obvious examples, although I have no particular preference for order. The most important inland areas would be G10 (Quarelin) and L5 (Beldira), although these would be lower priority for me.

I'd like to see more on Shorkyne before you do move to other regions, but once you do, Ivinia would be top of my list - for modules as much as maps, admittedly.

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Hooray for Leden! I was looking forward to that one. It seems that the only populated portion of Ledenheim not yet published is the easternmost area near Vaferkike and the Yarili lands that are due to be organized as valarden (K6 Tirgolis). I know this square also involves lands outside of Harbaal and into Shorkyne that may not be fully developed yet . . . but it would be really nice to have that part of Ledenheim.

Is K6 on the production list at this point? If the lands south of the Tirga are a problem, would KP consider releasing just the lands north of the Tirga and then issuing an update when the square is completed at a later date?

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Jack, Preliminary work is done on all of the remaining Ledenheim area squares, including J4, K4, K5 (which includes one of the Forest Guard forts) and K6, based on mapping done by Robin a few years ago. However, as you note, K6 is trickier due to the settlements south of the Tirga (and not just the Aneolan manors but also some holdings in Hurisea), and amongst other things, KP will need to doublecheck the allocation of those settlements.

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On the main Atlas Kelestia page, would it be possible to put a red X or similar mark in each of the map squares that are purely water? That would help me visualize where the islands, reefs, whirlpools, and so on are hiding...

And I'm thrilled to see the beginnings of Hurisea!

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Jack, Check your copy of the Shorkyne Regional Map. Any square on that map which is _not_ named on the 'Grid Square Names' layer, you can 99% expect that KP will not publish a square with any troublesome tiny islands or underwater features. (Makes you wonder, though, what KP will do with SHKN I7 :)

And our apologies for taking a year or so after you first posted asking about square SHKN K6 before it was published. Part of the delay was working out where _all_ of the Hurisean smallholds were located.

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Hey, quality takes time! And you've been filling out Shorkyne in the interim - how can I complain about that? :-D

(I didn't even know there was a Grid Square Names layer...)

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Just wanted to compliment on the recent Harbaal/Hurisea squares that I recently scored. They look great and have great bits of information in them.


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Somewhere in Hurisea is a gârgun cave. I've forgotten where it is. Somewhere in the mountains.

I like to add this part to my wishlist.

Even if i don't have a campaign on Kelesstia in the moment I like to start a new one when we finished our visit on "Golarion" in the "Legacy of Fire" and return home to Kaldor and adventure in Chelemby and Hurisea

Thank you

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Cyrion, You're thinking of Hlejis. That location, unfortunately, is on the edge of two Atlas map squares. It's on SHKN K2 very very close to SHKN L2. So to do it justice and make it useful for GMs, both squares would need to be published.

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I've got most of the major documents and all the regional maps so far extant as of 2019-12-30.
I'm interested in collecting some of the existing AK map squares. i just have two of them, one a region in Emelrene where all the Laellyn have started awakening, and the map square featuring the Earthmaster site at Imeruva.
I'm thinking of starting to collect the map squares adjacent to the Imeruva one in 2020. I'd love it if the map squares surrounding Berema and the approach to the city were released.

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I'll pipe up for the Plain of Káretan, with three wars and innumerable skirmishes filling its tombs and barrows.

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Hello, all! I've been away for years, so if I ask a question that's been answered, please forgive me.

I see that annual folios are being organized, but is there any plan or possibility for a subscription plan? Alternately, is there a way to receive an e-mail announcement when a new AK square is released?

Thank you!

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Hi! New releases are always announced on the front page (the "News" section). But if you like, we can also send you a notification via e-mail when a new AK product is released. To "subscribe" please just send a message to jan@kelestia.com saying something like "AK notification". :)