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Hi there,

I was a little surprised, when I had a look at the new map of Trepura. It is VERY different to a Fanon of that region in Thonahexus 4. I was a little bit disappointed because i like that Fanon and I fear that game masters now have to decide which one is their version of Shorkyne. Since Fanon is an important part of Harnmaster, you know that there was a timespan with very few new material, I would like to have the new material from Kelestia closer to already known stuff.

Do gamemasters have to ignore all their maps of Trepura, Sonise and Loala? Sonise is in your map not a coastal town anymore. That's a pity. What about Imeruva? Do we have to fear that this site has changed, too?

By the way: the map quality is very high and I welcome all your publications and sponsor your efforts by buying all the new stuff. You do a great job!

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We encourage fanon, but we cannot be bound by it, particularly when fanon does not fit with other, pre-existing canon.

Just two examples:

Sónise is not listed as a port in the old Port Almanac, yet the fanon version placed it on the coast and gave it a shipwright, as I recall.

The fanon region map has only around 10 manors (náloren) in the arable area around the settlement of Sónise, where as in canon there are 23 manors attached to that barony.

We do not go out of our way to contradict fanon, but we had no involvement in developing it, and no rights or license to use it, so we can't be bound by it, particularly when its not consistent with other material.

On the other hand, we certainly do work hard to maintain consistency with existing canon material.



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Indeed. We have no rights to the newly created materials that fanon authors create. It would be akin to us taking your player character and making it an official part of the world, putting it into a product and charging money for it.. all without your permission.

Should an author wish to develop a particular location or area of interest and have it considered for official publication, that's certainly possible. Having your material as part of canon is a large part of the motivation of those that do do this. But unless an author decides to do this, we can't use their ideas.

As for GMs having to choose. That's ALWAYS the case. Kelestia Productions offers up the official version of the world, but it's by no means the only version. Every GM and Player leaves their own marks upon the framework. There are as many versions of the material as there are people that use it. Just because the KP map says one thing, doesn't mean your GM has to agree. If you like the fanon material better than the official stuff, by all means, use the fanon. :)

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Speaking as another KP developer, my own two points (at a farthing each) are to reiterate the above:

1) I don't read fanon. For all the reasons that Jeremy and Ken have suggested and more, there is just no upside to my doing so and potentially lots of downside.

2) Seven years ago I was concerned enough about my unpublished fanon version of Zyna being possibly wiped out by whatever Robin was doing at KP that I e-mailed him about it. I ended up getting talked into being an official KP developer and my name's been on almost every product published since then. Zyna is still unpublished, but the Ledenheim and Ledenheim C&F publications are both built on that 16 pages of fanon.

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So these were fast replies!

Thanks for clarifying your point of view! I looked in canon material, Jeremy and – no surprise – you are absolutely right with your two statements concerning Port Almanac and Shorkyne Index. Maybe I had to check this before posting anything here.

And yes, it’s not possible to integrate Fanon without authors permission or against canon material.

And just to emphasize my last sentence in my former post:
Your work at KP is very important and well done in my opinion! You work out many areas of Lythia that GMs are interested in for a long, long time. Naturally there must be made many decisions in this process.

People that have used Fanon will stumble more often about contradictions in their gameplay with upcoming new official releases * sigh * .
But I am sure that most fans of Harnmaster will cheerfully carry this “burden” . :-)

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istvan, If there is particularly good fanon which you are worried might get rendered official non-canon ('heresy' even) by some potential future KP product, then by all means encourage the author(s) to contact Jeremy to see whether it's viable to integrate it into canon.

You mention, Imeruva, for example. KP doesn't have anything specific in mind yet for that site (that I'm aware of), but as we are likely to do an Atlas map square for the area within the foreseeable future, then now's the time for whoever wrote some Imeruva fanon to step forward.

I'll also reference Venarive as a publication that benefited greatly from fanon contributors. Several fanon authors worked with KP to varying degrees and now their ideas are officially part of HarnWorld. Q's Hepekeria was likely the biggest example of this.