Are there anything new coming on contires, races, cities

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While a new map is all nice and so, I would like to se more books on the lands and stuff - anything new arriving?

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We are working on a number of other projects...

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Any hint on what they are about ;)?

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We don't like to be specific about future products - not because we want to be annoying, but because we are all volunteers, and we can't make commitments about when things will be ready - including in which order they will be done.

However, we have already indicated that we are working on updated rules for maritime adventures, and a set of related products linked to those rules, including information on ports, small adventures, a pre-generated crew and ship, and so forth. The idea is to enable people to travel around Venârivè, and explore the material contained in our flagship product. We are calling all this the 'maritime series'.

We are also working on a couple of final supporting products for Chélemby.

I hope this helps.


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So how is the process going?