AK SHKN AX Ârgonel - views?

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The Ârgonel edition of Atlas Keléstia (AK SHKN AX) has been out for a couple of weeks now, and seems to be popular given the number of sales.

However, we are keen to get feedback on the product, as we consider our next steps for the AK line.

What do people think of AK SHKN AX (Ârgonel)?

What is your response to the depiction of Emélrenè, the Free Eméla, and the 'wild' nature of the wilds of Emélrenè?

Any feedback you have will assist us in our ongoing development, and make it more likely that future products will meet your needs and interests.

Many thanks


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Hello Jeremy

I do like Ârgonel very much. It is a part of Kethira of which I have read a few informations in Hârnworld article. So I was very pleased to see a part, just a small part, come to a map of this quality.
Thank you.
In the Ârgonel pdf I have found a small information i have missed in in other AKs. The magic. Allthough I didnot know i Missed it. I see Hârnworld as a magic rich world though littel magic is used by man. The Kelsheôr-Lællyn Elemental Zone is an information I mean. In other part of the AK ther have been just very few of such informations.
OK, as an GM i can fill these "magic" as I like, but you and the other guys of Kelestia know Kethira better than me. And with this information you have given me an idea to make Hârnworld a little more a home for my game(again Thank you).

I like to see the whole Emélrenè to be mapped:

Shkn BX, CX, DX; Trzn A1-A3,
B1-B3, C2-C3, D1-D3, E1-E3+

Even if you have to go into Trierzon.
For me it would be a place to play and a sure buy. (Allthough I have bought all maps you have bring out in AK ;-))
The new one J4, I like the entry "Wyvern" on the map.(*evil grin*)

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What I liked on the new maps are the three major magic focal areas, and their embedding into henge sites and remnants of old cultures - in the hinterland of the "civilized" Emelrene.

The depiction of the "free Eméla" as first noted in the (free) "Clans of Emelrene" together with the map makes sense to me. The mix of these free Clans and the traditional manorial society probably makes Emelrene unique, and I am looking forward to learn more about their interaction. It seems that Emelrene has some very magic heavy areas and the clans probably have a better connection to these phenomena then their more civilized cousins - I would expect most of the truly great mages of the kingdom to have clan-roots rather then feudal.

While I will buy probably any stuff, I would be very interested in a publication covering a barony (eg Gyte Trev) and a Clan range (eg Quandas Aren Esal), highlighting typical social groups and their interactions (who funds & feeds the Gardians, how to the Emela react on curious research parties, how are magic/psionic talents handled within the Clans or Feudal society, are there tensions between magical factions, subcultures or "Barbarians" within the clans...). The traditional trip from civilization into the wilderness (and back?) as an adventure background would imho offer a good way to combine intesting sites, places and people.

On the maps I would prefer prominent coastal areas to come first, for most groups will pass the shores first. I would prefer the coast of Shorkyne before the hinterland of Emelrene - unless there are more publications that give a deeper insight into these places.
I assume the large ports and densely settled areas make a ton of work, though, so perhaps some sparsely settled areas can help to keep the pace of map-publishing to the current standard.

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And now that things have expanded to the east, what do people think?

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I have to say, I'm impressed with the quality of the Detule and Argonel material. I find Emelrene more interesting than either Shorkyne (the kingdom) or Harbaal - not that those aren't also done well, of course, but they just aren't as useful for what I'd want to do. Emelrene, on the other hand, is something I can easily see myself using.

I assume that the next AK area will be in either Harbaal or Shorkyne, and that's a sensible choice. When you do return to Emelrene, though, I'd like to see CX before DX, because it will help to put things more in context (wth the importance of Deserid), as well as because of the obvious contiguity.

I foresee, however, a couple of obstacles to really using Emelrene as a setting at the moment. One is that you'd need, at some point, to do AK squares in the Trierzon region. I don't know how likely that is, or how it would go down with other purchasers, bearing in mind how much of Shorkyne remains to be covered - including such key squares as GX, G6, H3, D8, and L5.

The second one is that, to really use the setting, there needs to be something more than AK entries, as cool as those are. An Emelrene book, like the one for Ledenheim, strikes me as not just desirable, but almost essential to really play in the area. Something, in short, that gives a more detailed view of Emelrene society, culture, and national politics. The 'big picture', if you will. I don't know if you're working on one, but it's something I'd be looking for, to put the AK areas into a proper context, and really provide the basis for a campaign.

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I really have enjoyed both sections on Emelrene and want to see more. However, I have to agree with Trotsky that I believe that a book on Emelrene is called for to put everthing into perspective. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more on Emelrene! Sooner than later I hope. :-)