Sorta HarnMaster VTT game

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I am testing the level of interest in a Rolemaster/Harnmaster homebrew game however this would not be play by post but using the Fantasy Grounds Virtual Table Top. Since Harnmaster does not have a FG Ruleset I will be using the Rolemaster ruleset but with Harnmaster characters and stuff ported/converted over. This will basically be a 90%+ HarnMaster 3E game and the rest Rolemaster (HM stats converted to d100 but not really used :-) and the use of the Rolemaster Combat system > weapon charts and a custom Hit Point type conversion system).

I don't have a lot of details yet at this point but just thought I would throw this out and see if there may be some brave souls who want to connect (no licensed copy of FG needed as I have an ultimate license) and look things over and give some feedback.

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I would be interested- though I've never played Harn before~!