-Chélemby adventures

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Hi ALl,
I'm wondering where I might be able to find pre-written adventures to get me started in -Chélemby, preferably for free? Ideally, I'd like things aimed at beginners which won't break the bank anymore than it already is. I'm struggling to come to grips with Harnworld, and one of the biggest problems is not really being sure where to begin.
THanks much,

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There are no published "canned" adventures set on Chel island that I know of, although it is possible that there is fanon that I don't know about.

KP is working on one adventure module chiefly set in Chelemby City, but I can't guess on its eventual publication date.

Absent that, the best sources for Chelemby adventure ideas are the folklore sections in the Chelemby City publication as well as the Chelemby Kingdom, Evanekin and Koladis publications. Chelemby City also has a section related to the city watch which would also be very useful in this regard.