Standing Armies

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I'm curious about the size of standing armies in Kelestia products. I've read extensively about medieval history and most of my research says that standing armies didn't exist in the Middle Ages (at least not until the end of the fifteenth century). The structure and resources of society simply couldn't sustain it. I've read about garrisons for castles and towns as well as household troops, but no standing armies.

Not trying to criticize here (truly!), I'm a big fan of your products; just curious to know if you have sources I'm not aware of and how you came up with your numbers.

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The simple answer is that Venârivè is not in the "middle ages" of Earth. In fact, Venârians think they are in the 'modern era' :)

There are many key differences - but one the greatest is that while Empire of Ázeryàn is smaller than it used to be, but it has not 'fallen'; in fact in recent decades it has been growing in strength.

The structures and resources of Venârian societies are not a simple translation of medieval European analogues. Many 'ancient' and 'medieval' societies on Earth had standing armies - China, Japan, Rome, and so forth.

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Thanks for the reply Fastred. I get busy trying to make my setting more "medieval" sometimes I forget Harn is its own place.