TRZN A1 (and other Emélrenè Atlas) products

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What are people's views on the emerging picture of Emélrenè as described in TRZN A1 (Máris) and the other Emélrenè AK Atlas products (AX Ârgonel and BX Détule)?


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I like the steps taken to finally work out the "other" northwestern cultural center. Clans of Emelrene let us look into a new society, where the old living style of the free Emela and the feudalistic ideal do not clash but coexist in a benefial symbiosis. This sets the society of Emelrene apart from the multitude of states that look for a Terran model for inspiration.

The short articles on all entries on the local maps yield a lot of info - all that you need to actually travel there when you do not plan to go in depth.

Seeing the first map square of Trierzon mapped raised the hope that some day in the not too distant future (2017) we will get a regional map, and actually there seems to be a chance to see all of Emelrene mapped.

Which brings me to what I deem lacking - a kingdom module. A bracket to bring all the stuff together, so that the pieces of the mosaic will not only shine by itself but enhance the large picture that is already drawn - something that Venarive is for the region. Even when it is (just) a player edition, with abbreviated content that can be later expanded to a full article, I really long for articles on Emelrene (and Shorkyne, Harbaal, Palithane, Tarkain, Hurisea, the Quarph and Yarla - to name just the most urgent itches). Clans of Emelrene went a long way to prepare me for the local maps, and I am sure that much of the work for Emelrene is already done and just needs a proper shuffle and presentation.
The odd local article with peculiarities in manors, lodges, or magical sites could also create a better connection to the realm.

Hmmm. Somehow all my contributions here end just in wishlisting :-/

That said, I have gone through all the entries on the local maps and itch to bring my group to the sea, so that they can explore the coastal trade in the strait (before they venture via Haltinan and Techel towards Chelemby).

I was also considering to let them escort a group of Ilviran priests from Kaldor (they are currently in Tashal) towards Emelrene, to help out with some of the Ivashu problems - it seems that there are many. In that regard I am a bit concerned, however, that the theme of spawned Ivashu makes them more common in Emelrene then near Araka Kalai. Perhaps there is a good reason for it, but "Ivashu spawn and cause problems" look a bit common.

The way the psionic and magically errant areas affect the local society, especially the psionically enabled within, is yet a mystery to me, though that there is such an effect seems clear to me. The peculiarities of detecting and training the gifted people in Emelrene are certainly worth a chapter or two in the incoming kingdom module.

So much for now.

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I would be interested in an essay about Emelrene is different than Harn. Do the manors look exactly the same or are there important differences? Do the castle towns look more cosmopolitan?

I find it hard to read the gazetteer entries for fun. As Puster wrote, a kingdom module would be very entertaining, and I am sure it is in the works for the long run. But it is hard to see how this all fits together right now. Does the sheriff at Detule have a lot of power? What is this duchess of Charones all about?

I also would also second Puster's request for a digital version of the Trierzon region map, like you did for the Shorkyne region map. I own the old CGI printed map for Trierzon, but it is hidden away somewhere at home.

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I just noticed that there is a Fiefs of Emelrene map in Great Clans of Emelrene, which makes reading the gazetteers easier.

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I purchased the AK TRZN map in March... now there appears to be a new Emelrene Map out for $15... What's going on? Is this updated? Different?
I am sure I don't need two of the same thing, and normally if the products are the same I get a notice saying I bought this on xx/xx/xxxx

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The map is in the style of the Harn and Shorkyne maps, but rather than cover all of TRZN, it covers the NW corner of TRZN, plus the corners of the adjacent regions.

You just have one square of the TRZN region, albeit with additional detail.