Bukrai Point system does not seem to be in the GM Book

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So, the Player's Guide in the glossdex references Bukrai Points and states that detailed information on how Bukrai Points work can be found in the GM Guide, but a search of the GM Guide finds no information on Bukrai Points (I did a pdf search and nothing comes up). Did this accidentally not get included or am I just missing it? I'd sure like to know how Bulrai Points actually work.

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Might be in the Bestiary?

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...has some rules on how to handle the effect of the Bukrai Blade, but nothing on Bukrai Points.

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The Power of a the shadow of Bukrai will be measured by this points.

It is in the "Undead" chapter...

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Since Glossdex 32 (Shadow of Bukrai) refers players/GMs to the GM Edition for the Bukrai Points system details, a simple errata correcting this to refer to the Undead section of The Bestiary would be a quick and welcome fix. If I'd known this at my last game, it would have saved a lot of time trying to find something in the entirely wrong publication.