Trophies / Achievments

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Do not ask me why I am choosing to share this -- but here it is. Something my players and I put together. Obviously, many of the trophies are 100% based on house rules – anyway, food for thought.

Post S.: SG is Story Guy (=GM).

#0 The Crossby: All trophies complete.

#1 Full Life: Character dies of old age.
#2 Plant the seed: Procreate at least once, know about it, and have the offspring survive into adulthood.
#3 It’s Personal: Character completes Primary quest.
#4 Refused to die: Survive the Exhausted status.
#5 C’mon, how do you guys expect to beat me…: Survive being outnumbered by 8:1 or more.
#6 Amateur actor: You walked into the session as your character and you left as your character.

#7 Road Trip: Visit all major cities and castles of Harn.
#8 Famous: Become in/famous in at least one major city.
#9 Man of the Year: Significantly impact the direction of Politics over the course of a game year.
#10 Master of my own fate: Complete a Fate Point quest.
#11 Dragon’s Bane: Slay a dragon.
#12 Ivashu Scholar: Observe all known types of Ivashu. Plus, discover one new type of Ivashu.
#13 Artifact collector: Own ten Major Artifacts and twenty Minor Artifacts.
#14 Millionaire: Save-up 1 million pence.
#15 Privileged: Own and maintain a Manor for at least one game year.
#16 SG: Be the SG for a session.

#17 Exterminator: Defeat a Gargun Queen.
#18 Who you going to call: Defeat an ethereal.
#19 Merely a flesh wound: Suffer a grievous injury and survive.
#20 Good aim: Score a 1-Hit Kill.
#21 Well, that was easy: Complete an auto-kill.
#22 Arr! More Rum!: Complete a voyage by barge.
#23 Defied Death: Use a fate point.
#24 Piece of junk: Have your weapon be completely destroyed in combat and survive.
#25 Master: Achieve a master status in any ML.
#26 Mediator: Stop an imminent fight while working on a quest.
#27 Strongarm: Start an unnecessary fight while working on a quest.
#28 Odd job: Complete a random bulletin board quest.
#29 Royal Audience: Meet and converse w/ a King or Queen.
#30 World traveler: Travel to a destination outside of Harn.
#31 Karma Bank: Score and have five UK in one session.
#32 How could this get any worse: Score a CF in an already bad situation.
#33 Taboo: Do or say something in public that is forbidden by society, and have it noticed.
#34 Morality bender: Have your morality change by your actions.
#35 Party Party: Complete a full session w/ five players and a SG.
#36 itsa failure: Complete a full session drunk/drinking.
#37 Role playa: All choices made during a session were made from the characters point of view, not the players.
#38 A day of it: Played an 8 hour session.
#39 Innovator: Create something new for the world of Harn (in game, not just in theory).
#40 Roots: Write or tell a brief story about your character’s past.
#41Charity: Bring booze for SG to a session.
#42 Tribal Ambassador: Become an honorary member of at least one tribe.
#43 Hocus Pocus: Learn at least one spell or Talent.
#44 Enchanted: Acquire at least one piece of enchanted gear.
#45 One year ago: Complete one year of game time.
#46 Feeling Lucky: Win at a gambling game.
#47 They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no': While in the throes of addiction, regain control.
#48 Student: Learn a technique from another player.
#49 Zealot: Call for divine intervention.
#50 Old School: Play a session in an office or basement, drink Twister (or similar fruit drink) and eat Cheezits while listening to EQX or 90’s alternative music.