Purchased Items Not Appearing In File Downloads

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I purchased following items today:

1 x Hârn Regional Map (printed version) SKU: WOH007

1 x On Divinity: a guide to polytheistic religion SKU: MET002

1 x Summa Venâriva - A social history of Venârivè SKU: WOH017

The problem is this: I recieved confirmation that the PayPal payment was completed, but the electronic items are not showing up in my File Downloads, and the order link provided with the order confirmation email results in an "Access Denied" page. Is this because one of the items is a printed product, and is delaying the processing of the complete order on your end?

Anyway, if you could give me an idea on when the electronic items will be available for download, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!


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The issue seems to have resolved itself, and I have been able to donwload the items.

However can someone tell me if pages 4, 24, 38, 48, 74, 112, 116, and 127 in the "Summa Venâriva" are meant to be completely blank?


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I can not speak to the reason, but my copy has the same blank pages. If I had to guess I would say it is an artifact of splicing the chapters together, and probably not noticed in editing.

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Regarding the download issue... When someone purchases the printed map, the KP store software stops partway through processing and does not list the order as completed until one of the admins manually acknowledges that the order has been received. The problem is that if the order also includes some PDFs, those PDFs won't appear in the customer's downloads until, you guessed it, the order is completed.

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Those pages in Summa Venâriva are deliberately blank - so that major chapters begin on a new page when printed.