What is Hârn?

Hârn is the largest of the Hârnic Isles, a group of islands off the northwest coast of the continent of Lýthia. Northwestern Lýthia is the region known as Venârivè.

Lýthia is the largest of three continents on the World of Kèthîra.

Kèthîra is often called HârnWorld or the World of Hârn.

Kèthîra is one of many worlds in the fantasy multiverse called Keléstia which is the original (copyright) creation of N. Robin Crossby.

The collection of publications that describe Kèthîra are also sometimes called Hârn. Sometimes the separate, role-playing rules system (also created by N. Robin Crossby) called HârnMaster is 'lumped in' with this broad concept of Hârn. We do not have a problem with this, but it does tend to be confusing.

The island of Hârn is a wilderness of forests, rivers and lakes where the weather is so unpredictable that it is said that the Isles do not have a climate, just weather. Tiny feudal kingdoms huddle amidst vast tracts of wilderness populated by nomadic tribesmen, inhuman Gârgún and outlandish fell beasts.

Often called the "Misty Isle", Hârn is a land of strange magicks, unnatural artefacts, ancient legends and storied sites. 'Enlightened' and 'civilised' outsiders tend to fear and avoid the Isles, and might call it a 'nice place to vist, but I wouldn't want to die there'...

Hârn, all derived terms, and all other placenames appearing in this article are trademarks of Keléstia Productions Ltd, and are intellectual creations of N. Robin Crossby and his estate.