Atlas Keléstia - SHKN G5 (Yelâben), F5 (Trevéhedè) & E5 (Baas), revised

The coast of Géltheim, a castle in view.

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia issues #34, #35 and #36.

These issues describe map squares G5 (Yelâben), F5 (Trevéhedè) and E5 (Baas) on the Shôrkýnè regional map. The G5 area includes a large section of the western coast of the Hârbáaler kingdom of Géltheim, while F5 and E5 are in the Sea of Iváe immediately to the west. The waters here are much travelled by seafarers, both traders passing up and down the Hârbáaler coast as well as fishermen working the herring banks northwest of Chélemby.

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These issues of Atlas Keléstia are available at a reduced priced if purchased as part of the Atlas Keléstia - Folio 1: Chélemby, Géltheim & Ánvâl.

These are a revised and updated versions of map squares originally included in the "Chélemby-Géltheim Folio" published in 2004. If you purchased that folio after September 2008, you are entitled to a free copy of this revised map and index; check the download section of your account profile.