An unexpected pleasure

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What an unexpected pleasure to find Byria available.
Even better is that on a quick readthrough very little seems to contradict what I have already created when going through the pregame for one of my players, who started as the enslaved son of a shipwrecked Ivinian (t)ra(i)der. I look forward to when he returns with his army of northerners (well so he dreams) to wipe out the arrogant women who made his childhood hell on Holy Estate 37.

Thank you!

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The islands of Carcos and Leiminos seem almost custom-made for your story. The harshest matriarchs, numerically vulnerable, difficult to reinforce, and precariously placed near the shipping lanes . . . it's like catnip for Ivinians.

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Yes, that's just what I thought when reading it through. I can retcon it in easily as I never specified where the ship was actually wrecked, merely starting him at age 4 in the slave quarters of an estate on the lower slopes of the Gurisha Hills, listening to stories from his crippled father of the sea and the glories of the men of the north.

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Just read though the article. I am overjoyed not only to get infos on a new kingdom and region, but also that it opens up the "Venarive Almanac", which bodes well for future publications. I will sit on the sidelines and cheer on the next one!

Perhaps, some day, we will even see Trierzon, first announced "coming soon" for the autumn of 86 :-)

So, great work. Good solid infos on the "real" Byria (unlike the one we all know about by the Mangai).

Some remarks:
- The slavery article should imho be made available seperately. While I assume that many will buy the whole package, the slavery article has a broader audience.
- While I much appreciate the regional map on the Byrian Peninsular (though I hope we will some day get another one with the same bitmap quality as Hârn/Shorkyne) I think that kingdom-maps should follow the political entity regardless of regions, alike the Emelrene map - so I would have gladly traded in some more coverage on the flanks and especially to the south for decreased scale. Many realms will not fit roughly within a region anyway.

That said, my thanks for this step ahead in the coverage of Kelestia and Venarive.

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I think that kingdom-maps ought to follow the political entity despite regions, alike the Emelrene map. It is a nice post. That you for sharing it.