Can't find Random Modifier Table

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I was just browsing through the part about children in Game master edition and noticed there is a mention that stats should be adjusted "according to the Random Modifier Table". However i can't find this table anywhere...

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Verneri, I am not sure about this, but I believe that is a reference to the "SUMMARY OF ATTRIBUTE MODIFIERS BY SPECIES & SEX" table on page Char. Gen. 12 in the player edition of the rules.

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Actually the original GME had a table in the Heredity section that is missing from the newer GM edition. I copied below- sorry for the formatting issues.

Modifier Table
3d6 Modification
3 –5
4 –4
5 –3
6 –2
7–8 –1
9–12 +0
13–14 +1
15 +2
16 +3
17 +4
18 +5