What versions of HârnMaster have there been?

HârnMaster has seen several versions:

Version 0 (or the *beta versions*) existed from around 1975 to 1986. Extensive portions were published in Dragon magazine and private circulation, but the whole was never published in one volume.

Version 1 was published in 1986, solid and reliable, but with quite a few rough edges and no few mathematical errors... Nevertheless, a popular system, hailed for its 'realism' and ease of use.

Versions 2 and 3 were essentially the same as each other. Based on HMg2.0, these versions were *supposed* to be streamlined and easier to use, without sacrificing the 'realism' of version 1. They were, in fact an attempt to appeal to a 'younger' audience.

Version 2.0 Gold was published in 1998, Player Edition only. The first real attempt to produce a version that was at the same time more realistic with fewer errors in maths and logic (a better simulation) while at the same time easier to understand and use. Considering that these two objectives (ease of use and realism) are mutually incompatible, the effort was surprisingly successful. This version may be thought of as a the first 'author's cut'.

Version 2.1 - 3.0 Gold, the current version (and the only version currently authorised by the game's creator, N. Robin Crossby) is published in four volumes: Player Edition, GM Edition, Bestiary and Shék-Pvâr (about 450 pages in all).