A couple of questions

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Hi all,

I am a new member here and, having been away from Harn for longer than I like to think (15 years or so!) have just rediscovered it on this site. I'd first like to say that it is impressive indeed - I haven't looked at everything yet, but I have purchased one of the atlas squares which is a real treat.I do have a couple of questions though....

First up - one of the last things I acquired was a set of the Harnmaster Gold rules - loose leaf, signed by Robin and limited edition if I remember rightly and a great return to form after the awfulness (IMHO) of second edition. What I'd like to know is how different those old rules are to those I see advertised here on this website: what's new and different if anything and is it significant?

Secons, and possibly answered as part of the first question - I see a list of stats after the major settlements in the atlas such as Market Size, Land quality etc. Where are these defined and what are they used for.

I hope that makes sense and keep up the good work.



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The location stats go back to the older publications from c 1990. Without delving too deep to see when they may have first appeared, I can point you to: an excellent definition of Market Size in the old Pilots' Almanac (1988, first two pages of the Port Almanac section) and Land Quality is defined in the Shorkyne Regional Module (1991, first page of the Index). LQ is also given in the old Harnic kingdom module subdinfeudation tables, but there is just called Land.

Except for "Tide Factor", the other port and trade stats that may appear for the larger settlements in the Atlas Kelestia data are also defined in those same places. The HarnWorld module (1990) also defines the tax rates in its economics section.

Unfortunately, I have yet to take my copy of the 1990s HMG 2.0 rules out of their shinkwrap, so I"m not really able to comment on what is different between them and the HMG 2.1 PE and GME currently sold here. I'll try to get Ken to respond to that, as he is the best person around here to answer rules questions.

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and thank you for that. I had all the answers, they were just buried in the mass of material which I have forgotten my way round!



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Hey Lee,

You and I are in the same boat. Just starting to read the stuff here today after getting my sea legs!


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Looking at your names, I just had a dejavu:

In the old Mailinglist from 1990-94, I find all of us already chatting about Hârn.

Its good to see Paul and Lee back among the old hands :-)


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lol, I spent way too long looking at those indices!

Reading thru kelestia stuff now too.