So many new maps

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Has any thought been given to a discount or subscription for the small regional map squares if someone - me, for example - wanted to buy all of them?

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Lawrence, We've thought about some sort of Atlas Kelestia subscription but the devil is in the implementation. The KP store software doesn't allow for any sort of "auto ship" option, and the only other option I've been able to think of is "pay in advance". But again, the store software is limited, so we'd have to charge some sort of set amount and then manually update each subscriber's account whenever a new issue is released. My experience is that this is a pain, as I've been doing this for one person who accidentally double-ordered a large bunch of issues.

That said, we have just added three new discounted Atlas Kelestia bundles to the store, gathering them in annual collections. The 2011 and 2012 collections are currently 15% off the total individual issues prices, and the 2013 collection 12%. You will still have to download the issues individually.

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The advantage of a subscription is that you know how many buyers there will be for sure. The disadvantage is probably the lower return - in a product, that probably runs on enthusiasm anyway.

But as the software does not offer it, do not waste time better spend on mapping in an attempt to make this work.

An option to award those who buy any map as soon as available could be a lower price for a limited time, like 20% for the first week. You just need to change the price and entry manually. On another note, any money will likely be needed and 20% of a 6$-map will be around 1.20$, so not likely breaking or making a buy anyway.

As a map junky I do not expect any rewards - I get my stuff early and thats sufficient for me - as long as I get my monthly doese of map at all :-)

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Timing of the sale could literally not having been better for me. I haven't yet digested the Venarive stuff I bought earlier, but had to have the maps now that I'm back from vacation, and lo and behold, I found them on sale. Thanks, KP!

I do like the new maps very much. Perhaps one day, we can link stuff to them like I think Robin originally intended. The layers are fantastic. The use of a robust set of symbols and the core/periphery/tribal areas are great touches. The English names layer really helps those of us still learning the jargon. The cropland pattern could perhaps be toned down, perhaps a simple stipple. The marshland is also a bit confusing, especially on the coasts. Cartographic convention on river sizes, coastlines and marshes ought perhaps to be honored a bit more.

I know these maps are geared towards us moderns who run campaigns or build worlds, but one other feature I always appreciated was the free-to-photocopy simplified version for players. Perhaps it's obvious and I am too dense to see how easy it is to do myself, but adding a "simplified PC copy" file to the electronic package would, I think, help many.

I'm sure I will have more, specific comments to come, so please put more value on the positives than negatives above. I am really quite happy!


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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "simplified PC copy" unless you mean "version that doesn't show the cool stuff". If so, then just use Adobe Reader to open the multi-layered version and turn off whatever layers you don't want the players to see. Also, you might want to turn off the color V&R layer and turn on the grayscale V&R layer.

Robin and I did have a go around about the Special Features layer, where I argued that it should be two layers, distinguishing between stuff in plain sight and stuff that wasn't. But once KP got around to releasing the current series of maps, I ended up going Robin's route because it was just easier to keep track of.

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Yup, that's what I meant. And solution provided. Thanks.

Easier is better. I'm just suffering from the dissonance between this frp world and modern technology. It's a good thing.