Atlas Keléstia Discount Bundles

With Atlas Keléstia having reached issue #44, it has become a bit awkward for new purchasers who want to catch up. Clicking on 8 or 12 product links and then making sure you didn't accidentally order one twice is a pain. And when one is ordering that many issues, wouldn't a discount be nice?

With that in mind, Keléstia Productions are offering the discount bundles of Atlas Keléstia issues listed below. The first two are for geographically contiguous issues, very useful for those of you interested in particular areas. The other three collect all the issues published in a particular calendar year. Discounted pricing on these bundles ranges from 12% to 15%.

If you have already purchased numerous issues of Atlas Keléstia and are having trouble figuring out which issues you might be missing, please feel free to ask. E-mail service-at-shekpvar-dot-org and we'll look it up for you.