Anzelôria: Legendary Southwestern Lýthia

Anzelôria: Legendary Southwestern Lýthia

Into the great land...

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Anzelôria: Legendary Southwestern Lýthia the first part of the Lýthian Conspectus Series, which expands upon Venârivè: Northwestern Lýthia.

This module covers the history, cultures, commerce, and religions of Anzelôria, as well as providing details of the all realms and states of the region. It also includes extensive gazetters of key settlements and towns of the sub-continent. Lands as varied as the A’jángwa desert (‘Child of Fire’); Lóazen, the strange southern region; the Plains of Chún, Shén and Ramdála; the ‘Stony Forest’ of the northwest; the mysterious and dangerous ‘Whispering Mountains’, and the ‘Gentle Rain Mountains’ are all described.

This product includes the 84 page Anzelôria module, a multi-layered interactive PDF map of Anzelôria (with 27 different layers), and a single-layered version of the map.

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