Kingdom of Emélrenè published

Kingdom of Emélrenè

The land between the Es...

We are extremely proud to announce that after many years of work, Kingdom of Emélrenè is now available. This module has had input from many different people over the years, including Matt Roegner, Ken Snellings, Robert Schmunk, and many other members of the HârnMakers' Guild and the staff of Keléstia Productions. Of course, the original inspiration for this module lies in the work of N. Robin Crossby.

The module is perhaps the most comprehensive and detailed description of any realm of Venârivè or HârnWorld yet produced. It covers matters as broad as Emélrenè's unique and perilous ethereal environment, its long and complex history, its folklore, its unusual religious practices, the key role played by arcane societies, its many branches of government, and the wide-ranging diplomatic reach of the realm. Also included are details of military forces, the economy, and descriptions of around 130 majors towns, castles, keeps and other locations.

The module also includes extensive additional reference information, on religious land holdings; special locations; Émhlè ranges and clans; class, ethnicity and religious affiliation, military statistics, a list of the unique festivals and dates of the Emélan calendar; information on the complex Emélan system of noble honorifics; a list of common Emélan names and a sizeable glossary of useful Emélan words.

We trust you will enjoy this product as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

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