Kingdom of Emélrenè Feedback

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We would very much appreciate feedback and discussion regarding our latest major publication, Kingdom of Emélrenè.

What do you like about it? What is particularly useful for your gaming? What questions or queries does it raise?

This sort of feedback and discussion is invaluable, and motivates us to keep working and producing new material...!

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Summer time and nobody answers :-)

I have not playtested Emélrenè yet, but having read through it, I must say I like it. First it fills the missing link between Hârn and Venârivè. When there was "just" Hârn, it seemed to be self contained and without links to the outside. Well, at least, this was the feeling I had. At least in respect to Melderyn this is not the case and for me the module mends the isle to the continent in a reasonable way.

Another thing I like about the module is, that it gives glimpses on cultural elements that I miss in classic Hârn productions. I like that, since it supports the gamemaster without really reducing my options how I want to play the world. otherwise I have to come up with everything myself. Older Hârn productions look somewhat sterile in that sense (at least to me).

Keep up the good work! Want to hear more about Venârivè!

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Emelrene is great, but a more detailed map of the country would be more than useful. I'm disappointed by that alone. I have Venereve, but it does not go into the detail I would like.

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The main map is a seperate product:

I admit that a poetic map - something that could be handed out as a "map" to the players - would be great as part of the kingdom-module, but you cannot get more detail then this map provides.

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I am looking at printing the map and notice
that the map looks like it's 80" × 51" is that right?
Is there a way just to print certain parts
Of it

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Most printers these days have an option to print what is on the current view. So you can blow up the area you want to fit the window and then print it. You could also copy a snapshot of the area desired and then print that as well.

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I posted my comments on Emelrene a while back, but it seems that it just disappeared into the ether, so I'll try again.

The content of the Emelrene module is simply fantastic overall! I've really enjoyed reading it; especially the culture, folklore, society, and especially how they think under the culture subheading is very useful.

I do however have two criticism. The first is no family trees for anyone. The second comes under the history section dealing with Melderyn. The explanation of how the five kingdoms remained as electors of the crown and then were absorbed into the feudal structure is way to simplistic. It either shouldn't have been in there or it needs to be expanded and explained in further detail.

I'm more than pleased with the quality of Emelrene and it certainly is worth the money. I would highly recommend it!

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Well, it is "Emelrene" you were reading. How much were you expecting on the history of early Melderyn?

Family trees have been developed for many clans, but Emelan clans are generally much larger than Harnic or Cheler clans and the connections are numerous (espectially with the Emhle). The geneology work was holding up the rest of the publication and was going to take up a whole lot of pages. Perhaps someone will volunteer to finish the project and they can be released in a "Great Clans of Emelrene".

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That's the point. It is "Emelrene" and not "Melderyn". When you put material in and don't explain it, as is the case here, it at best detracts instead of adding to what you are trying to get across. Especially, when such material has appeared elsewhere. I have to admit there is a whole lot more material on "Melderyn" in Emelrene than I ever expected. And except for my criticism such material adds to both "Emelrene" and "Melderyn".

Pokep you mention that family trees have been developed for many clans, but I haven't seen any that was developed specifically by Kelestia. Everything I've seen is either previously developed and put into canon or is fanon developed. Family trees are useful it allows one to see at a glance where a character fits into a clan. And no one, certainly not I, am saying that such genealogies need to be complete. The published ones certainly aren't. Now I don't know how complete the genealogies are that you are referencing, you have more knowledge on that than I, but they are still very useful. And I hope such a piece as you describe will be released in the future.

Out of everything that has been published to date, and I mean across the board here, Emelrene is in my estimation the best yet! I couldn't be more pleased over all. Kelestia generally errs on giving more information instead of less and I appreciate that very much! It's certainly better than cutting valuable information because you are a slave to page numbers and therefore loose valuable content. But, even now when I read through that section it still jars me. As I said I'm extremely impressed! The author(s), et al., should be very proud of this piece! Keep up the good work!

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Every edit is a judgment call.

You could make the same complaint about Palithane, Alagon etc.. There is quite a bit of their history buried in the same article, because some discussion of the neighbors is necessary for context. The point of the paragraphs is that Emelrene had a role in the development of the Melderyni kingdom which was not universally appreciated. I agree that the point could have been made more briefly - the seams do show a bit there. When you have multiple authors for a text it's hard to get the flow just right.

The half-finished family trees are waiting in KP's development "cloud" for someone to complete. But that will be a big project.