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ok just got the harnmaster gold rules and the information on potions
in the treasure section that tells what the effects of each type potion is missing.

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Hi Kevsurp.

You are correct that there isn't a particular listing of specific potions and the like in HarnMaster Gold. This was the case in HarnMaster 1 as well.

In general the idea was to present potions as unique things with their properties less certain, and avoid treating them as uniform commodities that one might pick up at PotionMart or some such.

The potion generation system can be used to quickly determine the appearance, potency, and general purpose/effect of a potion, but it is left to the GM to determine the actual game effects of consuming it.

I for one realise that this may not be satisfying for some and we do have game mechanics in development for an upcoming product that will tackle Alchemy (and resulting potions) much more in depth.

Thanks for your interest in HarnMaster Gold!