'bout Blowguns

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I noticed that Blowgun stats are completely missing from the Missile Range Table (HMg v2.1).

I read a thread on Lýthia dot com about this topic and I have found some infos within the HMg Character Profile by Bill Gant (see below):

  • 4/less = +20/0
  • 8/less = +10/0
  • 16/less = +0/0
  • 32/less = -20/0

The stats above seem reasonable to me, but what would be the the Mounted Modifier with those stats?

On the same profile by Bill Gant, the Blowgun is listed with an 8 Str requirement, which is absent on the Weapon Data Table 3/3: the table is correct?

On a Fanon table I read that the the Blowgun have Endx1 as maximum range: I think it's a house rule (or not?), but what's the official maximum range?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


PS - By the way, Sling and Staff Sling are listed on the Weapon Data Table with no Str requirement but reading the Missile Weapon Table it don't seem so: which table tells the truth?


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The values Bill Gant gives do indeed seem reasonable, and fit pretty well with the HM1 values for blowguns, so they should work fine.

As a mounted modifier I would use something analogous to javelins: -15.

The Str requirement is presumably a typo on Bill's sheet; neither blowguns nor slings have any Str requirement. The symbols on the missile table for slings (including staff slings) simply mean that their Str requirement is as given on the weapon tables - i.e., there isn't one!

I haven't come accross a range limit for blowguns, other than the 32 hex maximum from the missile range table. Using 1 x End seems somewhat dubious because almost no-one would get the benefit of the longest range (32 hexes), and many would not even get a penalty at maximum range (if they have End 16 or less). Bear in mind, also, that End is already included in the skill base for the blowgun - this strikes me as a rather superfluous rule. Having said that, if you like it, use it!

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>As a mounted modifier I would use ...: -15.

Perhaps my imagination just fails me, but I cannot see anybody using a blowgun from a moving mount. I would not allow for mounted blowgun at all unless the mount is still, in which case the modifier can be voided.