HMG Mounted Combat

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Hi all, zrayaan on Lythia. I have several questions about the 2.1 mounted combat, but let me ask about steed movement first.

The Movement Table on [Combat 4] states Quadrupeds move rates are:

Walk 1MOB(FR0)
Canter 2MOB(1FR)
Gallop 3MOB(2FR)

The "Quadruped Movement Rates" sidebar is consistent with this. However, the Horse Attribute Table on [Combat 15] (using Warhorse, though applies across horse class) lists:

Mobility 80
Walk 0-40' (8 hex)
Canter 40-80 (16 hex)
Gallop 80-160 (32 hex)

The Steed Movement Table on [Combat 17] detailing FR remains consistent with the table on [Combat 4]. Is there a reason for the inconsistency in the move rates?