Has anyone done anything on Altor?

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As I am firmly convinced Altor is made of Finno-Ugric peoples I am interested of anything done on it.

Vapriikki museum center in Tampere Finland has exhibition "Birckala 1017" on local Viking and Medieval age findings, and I bought there a book "Tursiannotko - Hämäläiskylä viikinkiajalta keskiajalle" which is of village on the shore of rather big lake. So I thought of making Altish village Southeast of Amlacht on the lower mouth of Lake Ualwe.

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There has been quite a bit of work done on Quarphor, but Altland is still pretty much "virgin territory". The only published material is the section in Venarive, and there is very little in "inventory". Personally, I would absolutely love to have something on the Alts written by someone with a real understanding of those cultures.