Unable to process payment for Order

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I was attempting to order some products (Atlas Keléstia maps) and could never get the payment page to fully load. When selecting United States, the actual State selection never loaded, just spins. Also, the payment methods just show bars, attempting to load but never do.

I cannot upload a screenshot here so if I need to email it to someone I can. Just let me know. I am also gonna post it over that the Lythia Forums.


Can we get this looked into please. Thanks.

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We apologize for the inconvenience. This is an issue related to our web server and we are currently working on solving it.

In the meantime, please try the following workaround:

1.) Enter your information into the form and choose the country as usual but leave the "Zone" field as is. Then click on the "Review order" button.

2.) This will bring up an error message but also correctly update the zone selection.

3.) Select your zone and then click on "Review order" again. Your order should continue to the next step.

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The problem is now fixed. Thank you for reporting the issue.

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The payment method bar keeps scrolling, making it impossible for me to complete my order. Seems to be a recurrence of Gunnar's problem.

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Tried this morning, and last night, with the same result. Scrolling bar on the payment method kept going, and would not let me complete the order.

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Thanks for reporting this! This is a JavaScript bug that somehow returned after being fixed several months ago. We're working on solving this. In the meantime, please try the workaround I suggested in the second post of this thread.

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workaround does not solve the payment scrollbar issue, not yesterday and not today

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Getting 403 errors on whole website.
Also workaround does not work either for Shopping Cart

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The problem has been fixed. Everything should be back to normal now.

Thanks again to everyone for reporting the issues!

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Thanks very much for the help and sorting the issue.
For some strange reason it seems my ip address is blocked from home to download files. Managed to login and get via work and also success on a neighbours wi-fi access as well.

Gonna speak with my ISP why your website is now blocked/filtered for my personal IP address ( not sure extactly where it's being blocked, I get 30 to 40 hops to your IP and one keeps timing out between you and I :(

Timeout @: ip4.gtt.net [] @ hop 13

When I also got my email with direct download links, when I clicked on the link, it added :80 (port 80) on the end and caused the response to be "source not found"

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Getting the same issues yet again.

This is auto locking after blocking whichever IP I use once I select as above and then hit Review order.

I can then no longer load the page for second option for Zone :/

Have tried this on multiple PCs and under various separate IPs as well as 3 Browsers.

Only once I touch the shopping cart does it lock the other IPs.

However my actual home IP that seems to be blocked 24/7 atm:

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Yep, the issue was back -- and is now fixed again. Thanks again for reporting it!

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Thanks, damn Gremlins or I should say Gârgún :p

All worked, many thanks.

I do hope this unblocks my home IP as well, let you know when I get home.

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Seem that when I click on the "Chelemby_City.zip" file, it refreshes the page and says to contact Administration :/

Sorry once again to trouble you...

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No problem. I'll send an alternative download link to your e-mail address.