Question on Emelrene Great Clans reference

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After reading Emelrene Great Clans I found an entry under Clan Trahune that says that the sister of Lister alri Trahune is married with the with Rickar alri Firliyan the Palithaner Earl of Palganir.

Well, I've read the Venarive module and as far I know I can't find any references to the Palithane shire of Palganir is this information correct or is a misspelling of Parahal.

Officially there are some references to some clans that rule Palithane, to Clan Ledrin being the earls of Norimar Shire, Clan Karisen being the clan the rules Athamas Shire and Clan Pelanby the Clan that rules Batana shire.

Could you help me?

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I'm not the fount of all knowledge on Palíthanè, pretty sure that's Jeremy, but I believe that Pálganir isn't a Shire, it's a County (the lands are held by a Count or Earl) within Nórimar Shire. The clan holds at least two castles, Ámdon and Erébis, and two keeps Fingélon and Lúthen (all of which are close to the Emélreni border and on the Emelrene Kingdom map) from clan Lédrin.
Because of its history, and the current political situation, Palíthanè is complicated.
Hope this helps

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I thought that shires where held by Count/Earls/Malnir and that Dukes/Telkors held two or more malniren/counties/shires.
So my confusion came from that assumption!

Thank for your help it realy helped

I hope one day to see a kingdom module on Palithane.

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Shires are held by Sheriffs, who are appointed by the king.

In Emélrenè, Barons hold a keep, Earls hold a castle and several keeps, and Dukes hold at least two castles, and several keeps. Their holdings are scattered across the kingdom. The Earl of Quandas' lands are scattered over three shires.

I suspect (hope) that, in Palíthanè, An Earl's landholdings are more closely grouped. It certainly looks like the Earl of Pálganir will have only one Sheriff to deal with.

I'd love to see Palíthanè, too.

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Pálganir is one of the counties of Palíthanè. It is held by clan Firlíyan, from the King of Palíthanè. All of Pálganir county lies within Nórimar Shire; the Sheriff of Nórimar (Bjorn al Dúren) has his seat at Týreden Castle, near Párahal city.

As noted, the county has four major holdings:
- Ámdon Castle - seat of the Count
- Erébis Castle - held by a younger brother of the Count
- Fingélon Keep
- Lúthen Keep

Three baronial clans are vassals of the Count:
- Barons of Gwédnor & Quéri (clan Tórenasyn)
- Barons of Môrgwin (clan Sóralas)
- Barons of Nanéshyn (clan Fírlos)

In addition, the Bishop of Pálganir (who happens to be a brother of the Count), holds Kuzímè Abbey for the Laránian Church, as a vassal of the Count.