King of Shôrkýnè spelling of name - Vârniel or Varinel Andrána?

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I came across a misspelling and would like to clarify the correct naming;

Vârniel or Varinel Andrána?

Venârivè: P163 & Index 1 Spelled Vârniel

Venârivè: P194 (Kings of Shôrkýnè Table) Spelled Varinel

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Original Shorkyne module has it spelled Varinel.

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My guess is that Vârniel was Robin's original spelling, and Varinel is after the filter of Columbia's editorial pass. Which of these you prefer is up to you, but Vârniel may conceivably fit with the ponderings I know Robin did on languages and word roots. Whether these ponderings were before or after the Shôrkýnè material was sent to Columbia I have no idea.

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As far as I can tell, throughout Venârivè it's spelled as Vârniel, the original COL5201 Shôrkýnè article like all other CG material all names get no accents, hence becoming Varinel.

If Vârniel was the original spelling, then Vârniel it is.

Thanks everyone.