Beréma, City and Chantries

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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have further plans for Beréma? I spotted this 10 year old comment from NRC, mayherestinpeace.

It's a sprawling city with narrow alleyways and broad boulevards. The engineering is impressive with sweetwater and underground drains and sewers (all properly separated). The place 'feels' old, older maybe than it actually is (although who knows how old that is?).

There are lots of impressive buildings, but hardly anyone knows what they are.

That's all I'm prepared to give you for now :)

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Like any ancient town, it has been around awhile, many scholars refer to it, but that just adds to it's intrigue.

bt7123 First western chantry built at Beréma by Sinái.

Still would be a great expansion, especially with a Tríerzòn Regional Map ;)

Beréma would make for one hell of an City Module that's for sure.

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There is a map of Emelrene available which covers the north part of Palithane as well.

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I can say with confidence, it is in the works. :)