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Had a look a while ago at the preview of Sánthrada companion article and was just wondering when this one is being released?

Just as with Karéjia, looking forward to delving into this Almanac.

Was hoping that the new map and almanac would cover a little further north covering a little more east of Reksýna, and top of Argóla. What I'm looking forward to the most is more of the Ketârh area more than anything.

Which also begs another question, will more of the Ketâri & Reshéni be fleshed out and expanded at some future time, as this is my most wanted material atm.

The Khúzan cities of Lârhakul & Êrdar would have some interesting backgrounds and would be nice to see as this seems to be almost the birthplace of the races (from what I can tell).

I have a good supply of chill-pills and taken some courses in patience, so not rushing ;)