Tîrgólan War

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In Summa Venâriva (p110) and Venârivè (p18) there is a listing of the Second Tîrgólan War (to tr662).

However there is no mention of the First Tîrgólan War, just wondering when this was, where these took place, or more information on these?

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Check out page 6 of the Ledenheim Kingdom module if you have it.

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Cheers, yes I have all released books

I knew I'd spotted in somewhere, just couldn't remember which one it was in.

This would then make the First Tîrgólan War tr564-583/7 unless I'm mistaken?

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Thanks, LazySerf, for doing the research on this.

Just confirming that the only chronology that mentions the First Tîrgólan War with that name is the one in the module Hârbáaler Kingdom of Lédenheim.

The Chronology (Lédenheim 10, p. 16) in that module lists the following:-

tr564 Joint conquest of Tîrgólis with Aneóla.
tr587 Tîrgólis falls to Aneóla.

The Chronology also lists this for the Second Tîrgólan War:-

tr660 Aneólan army enters Yârlihem.
tr662 Battle of Káthwy and end of Tîrgólan War.

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Thanks Alex for the confirmation.
Sometimes you can read and reread something a gazillion times and miss something.

Sorting through a War and it's elements (Battle, sieges, etc.) can sometimes be apart of a war, yet others are separate, being the aftermath incident or a prelude that leads to a war ;)

I swear I'm going to join all my PDF's together so searching is easier.

Thanks again to both, spent 4 days trying to search through them all. Forgot to search Lédenheim. I certainly hope more of these smaller Kingdom modules are in the making as they're an awesome source of specific details.

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You can also find tidbits of information on the Tirgolan Wars in the Ledenheim - Clans and Folk under Halinon, Irlonar, and Kurthwy.

I also hope more Kingdom modules are being worked on.

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Thanks LazySerf, that was my next step once I had my anti-dementia pill ;)

I am also hoping for more Kingdom Modules too.

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Shealladh, are you running a campaign based in Ledenheim or Hurisea?

What kingdom module would you most like to see? If I had a choice, I'd like to see one on either Trierzon or the Azeryan Empire, but based on earlier posts (unless I misread them), it seems they'll be covered under the Venarive Alamanc series, which is a different beast than the kingdom modules. I also think the Grand Prinipality of Hacherdad would also be a good kingdom module - it may be easier to tackle as a kingdom module as it isn't as large as some of the kingdoms, empires, and leagues. It's also a very different setting than Ledenheim, Chelemby and Emelrene.

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Sadly not running a campaign atm due to time constraints and juggling work/life balance that seems more one sided :/

The reason for this particular post came up due to a question I had while working on my current project, the timeline of migrations and creating an expanded breakdown of languages and how their movements affected the creation/destruction of new kingdoms and everything affected by the events throughout the timeline.

So in a way linking all the bits together, finding those obscure details while I research this all, with an aim of creating an article that can hopefully be beneficial to others. It all started out from me originally working on some ideas of creating a Kandáy based material expansion, I came to see the history of the tribes and their languages and thought, how did they all split from the far east and get here, and over that time, which language groups went where and how. So in short, a long winded turn of events lead to my current aim. I seen a lack in this area, which put me on the path of realising Venârivè has a lot of stuff I wanna dig my teeth into just as much.

There is a big question, which Kingdom Module, I'd have to Tríerzòn (secretly hoping that the regional map will get finished soon) due to it’s proximity to old kingdoms and is also a migration point of peoples (as above) with a new-ish kingdom stuck in-between the old and new. A crossroad choke point in history and the future.

Venârivè Almanac seems a good approach to a broader, less specific way of accessing details that one can expand upon imho, a bit of everything is right there. Reading some of the newer (now that I finally got them all) material has opening my thinking on how to approach things as well compared to how I started out with the CG material and Kandáy, there was snippets and dead ends. Now I feel I have a better grasp of the area in question, if that makes sense.

I’d also like to see more on (insert everywhere) Hacherdad and the fringe lines of the far east. Both Hacherdad and other places such as Quârphor, Reksýna, Ûmélria, would bridge that gap nicely. I did start with the migrations of the Phâri & Ketâri (just as a starting point) which seem to affected so many over time. Due to the sheer size and extent of Venârivè, seems that with the upcoming Sánthrada material (soon TM) that the aim is to bring all the pieces together. >Insert< they stopped just shy of north Ketârh and east of Ûmélria, north of Ketârh is what I was hoping was going to be in there so I have my starting point of the Ketâri push west. I am also looking forward to digging into the Màfakéta, Kóshéta & Bàkésha splits of those migrations, as this changed a great many including Hacherdad.

I would like to see more City & Town Modules too. Êrdar, Berémah, Meókara/Meokolis, or other key locations of historic change. Which brought up two more things I’d like to start as other projects, the expansion/growth and spread of wealth, religion, alongside migrating peoples. After all they all tie together.

Êrdar is the pot at the end of the rainbow for me, being one of the first settled areas settled and begs further delving. Berémah due to it’s time as different kingdoms, and a part of the growth and creation of various religion and learning. Ending up in Meókara and the growth of the Ázeryàn Empire, now that is one hell of a module right there.

Regional areas that would be great to see expanded include Quârphor, Reksýna, Ûmélria, mainly seeing not only the maps done (so others can start digging into creation of more), but expansive areas (Quârphor & Reksýna for me) as they have a great distance, little in the way of major settlements, yet had great things change history as well as those people within them.

All in all, it seems to be a big swirling pot heading into the creation of the monstrous manual that will be Ázeryàn Kingdom Module.

Sorry if this is quite the slog to read, just wanted to not only answer you questions, but also give you an insight to go alongside your thoughts and put it out there where my head is at.

Before I started this project, I was more of a mapper, then I also realised that maps need things on them. Now just trying to get something I can release that someone can enjoy and do it at a level worthy of all the material out there.

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LazySerf what about you, you gaming in this region or somewhere else?

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Hey, sorry for the belated reply. Both changing jobs and moving house.

Currently, I'm not gaming anywhere on Kethria. That'll be hopefully remedied once I settle into the new place, but my face-to-face gaming group are currently playing Call of Cthulhu and I don't know if everyone has the time to play two campaigns at once. :(

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Changing job myself, if all goes well, from tomorrow I'll be back to a "normal" job. Meaning 9-5, Mon-Fri. Transition going to take a while to get used too :P

Most of my face-to-face group all live overseas now, and a couple deceased. Since I've always been the GM, not having the time to run things has been a bain for the past 6 years, hopfully I can now have a normal timeframe and trying to figure what "a life" means.

Always looking for feedback on ideas and additional comments on future plans.

Atm, wish there was an "insight" from the map people that I could learn how to get started on fleshing out some "undone" maps. Start with maybe a regional map like Quârphor's style, ie. Reksýna or Ûmélria (UMLR & the one above) as everything I'm trying to achieve is pointing to beginnings around Êrdar (as per Kèthîra p20 - Ealiest Cultures).

I'm hunting for the links between the founding of Êrdar (and one NE), and their influence/connections to the spread of earliest Ch’mísa Humans and the connections to Ketâric & Phâric migrations. ie. starting point is the entry about their emergence from caves etc.