Santhrada requests - Map

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So, I realize the map in Santhrada uses a newer easier to work format. However, it still has layers, so, I have a request that just quite honestly are glaringly lacking and make this map less useful than the Venarive by the simple lack of these layers, in my estimation.

First,and most importantly, the shift to a 25 league hex is such a blatant shift as to make me scratch my head wondering why it even got added. Harn, Ivinia, Trierzon and Venarive all have the standard 5 league hex as a layer. Shifting from 5 league on Venarive to 25 league on Santhrada is just jarring, and becomes less useful. I don't mind the 25 league layer, but a 5 league layer would be much more welcome and allow a more seamless shift from West to East.

Secondly, language overly, both labels and language familes has been such a refreshing layer on the Venarive map. I love tha I cna visually see where languages shift and where a family connect from one language to another. Having this the languages on the Santhrada map would be a very welcome addition.

Ideally, if a layer is on the Venarive map that is not specific to Venarive, this should be on every map region available, from Santhrada to Anzelorea, which for some inconceivable reason, has neither 5 league hexes ot 25 league hexes, but has 10 league hexes. Consistency between products's a desired thing, I promise you.It's part of what has made this world so wonderful and beautiful. 5 league hexes...5 league hexes.

Thank you,