Where is Shomos?

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Question, does anyone know where the city of Shomos is located and better yet, where I can find more information on it? Shomos is mentioned twice in the Thonia Almanac, once as the headquarters of the partnership that financed the Azeryan quarter in H'anvuche and also that its arena paid 42,000d for an Alpine Lion. This leads me to assume it's in the Azeryan Empire, but I haven't been able to locate reference to it anywhere else.

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Chances are, we'll have to wait for an Ázeryàn module to come out to find out for sure.

The closest fit is the island and city of Sános, opposite the Straits of Sánon from Azeryan. Sános is just southwest of Helás, and is therefore off the Karéjia map, as it would be - Sános turns up on the Venârivè map.

If Shomos is anywhere, it'll be somewhere in Ázeryàn, so we'll have to wait for the module.

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The placename also shows up as the birthplace of a Halean pontiff. The only place that logically would have both a Pamesani arena, a past Halean pontiff, and an interest in an Azeryan quarter would be Sanos. The other possibility would be Shomiro, but that's an inland city that's seems less likely to be closely tied to Hanvuche.

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Thank you both, Alex and Pokep. I think I'll presume it's Sanos until proven otherwise!

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pokep reminded me to look in another document. I found Shomos listed in a book describing the Church of Halea and its economic impact on the continent.

Ridha - tr536-tr551 - The first Hilénea to have risen from outside Karéjia proper, Ridha was an ethnic Karéjian born in Shomos. The first theologically minded Hilénea since Hasiela I, she developed the doctrine of Divine Ecstacy. (Halean Church, p. 11, Halean Church Pre-Release Draft).

There is definitely a Shomos. It could well be on Sanos Island.

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So that's where the info came from - I never thought to look in the Halean article. Much appreciated.

I can see Shomos as being a comparatively small provincial town - hence it not being listed as either a chartered or imperial city, nor even as a provincial town in Venarive (and therefore not showing up on the map). But it must have some considerable wealth for someone (or someone's) to be able to afford to spend 42,000d on an animal for the Pamesani arena - that isn't too far from the cost of a small keep!