Menêma Gazetteer

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I love this module.

Will there be more information on this state, not to mention Hepekeria as a whole? The presence of Ivinians made me do a double take. The fact there are so many different peoples makes me think of Menêma as being a place where my character can rub shoulders with people from all over Venârivè: Thónia, Tuvâra, Dálken, Býria, Karéjia, Ázeryàn, Anzelôria, not to mention Chélemby, Emélrenè, Palíthanè, Shôrkýnè, Tríerzòn, and Hârn.

This document leaves me wanting to know so much more. History, people, everything.

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Lots of chances for political intrigue, trading adventures, exploration. I think it's one of the most adventure-rich areas mapped to date. I wouldn't expect anything more on this specific regional map to be published in the near-to-middling future. Expect more "breadth" before more "depth" in Hepekeria and Venarive in general.

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Loved the module! And Kareja also!
I`m eager to get my hands on the other 3 hepekeria modules! Love your work guys! Any plans in a near future on doing simillar stuff on Palithane, Trierzon, and Lankor?

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So I'm told . . .