Tell me more about Robin

N. Robin Crossby was born of one Welsh and one (probably, mostly) English parent, on a Wednesday in the Spring of 1954, at the University College Hospital in London, England. Since January 1 2001, we are able to refer to this as the "Old Millennium".

As a child, his hobbies included the study of dinosaurs (which were already extinct by then), the playing of guitars, drawing fictional maps, slot-racing, and the occasional visit to White Hart Lane. Except for the dinosaurs, the slot-racing and the visits to White Hart Lane, he still does all these things...

He attended William Ellis Grammar School in London, but not as often as his masters might have preferred. He once achieved a score of 6% on a Latin exam.

He began role-playing with his brother and sister in the early sixties using a home-made map and history of the lost continent of Atlantis (no you can't buy the map — it's just as lost as the continent) — but lost interest later in the sixties (we all lost interest in a lot of things about then — at least we think we did, probably, we don't really remember it very clearly...)

His parents took him on holidays to France, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, West Germany, Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia, but he was much too young and snotty to appreciate it at the time. In retrospect, he feels it would have been better to put him in a kennel... then, at least, his parents could have enjoyed themselves. He hopes to holiday in Europe at some time in the future, and fully expects to put his own children in kennels so that he can properly enjoy himself. He notes that two of the European countries he has visited no longer exist, but disavows any responsibility in connection therewith.

In 1968, his parents moved to Vancouver, British Columbia (that's in Canada, which means "group of mud huts") and, after much argument, agreed to let him come too (rather defeating the object of the emigration actually). After being educated in this and that, here and there, Robin emerged, much to everyone's surprise, with an Associate Degree in Philosophy. His first business venture (a syllogism repair service) sadly failed, so he turned to the much more lucrative fields of music and poetry — alas, the bottom fell out of the wandering skald market.

In 1977, Robin and some of his friends took a trip across Canada to celebrate the confederation's eleventieth birthday. Shortly thereafter, the province of Quebec held a separation referendum.

Finally, completing a lifelong quest to avoid the accumulation of filthy lucre, he designed Hârn, showed it to a games publisher, and his career was launched (funny expression that... ever notice how launching a ship sends it plunging downward into a large body of cold water?) There was no looking back.

There was no stopping him now (perhaps someone should have tried). An expanding line of products brought countless dozens of adoring fans beating a path to his door, (and left him trying to figure out how to convince each one to give him a thousand dollars each — that would have made him a multi-thousandaire).

At some time, or it might have been slightly before the beginning of time — it was a Wednesday anyway — he got married and had a vast multitude of noisy, demanding children (about three he thinks).

He always indicated he had few regrets in life, although they are some very large ones. Perhaps chief among them is the fact that cheese and onion crisps do not appear to be available in Canada. Despite this, he did very much enjoy working hard to make the mortgage payments on his beautiful, sub-rural home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

In early 2006, Robin was diagnosed with a liposarcoma (a tumour that arises in the fat cells). He went through a surgery and several chemotherapies that were quite exhausting. They limited greatly the time and power that Robin could dedicate to working on Hârn products over the period 2007 and 2008.

In July 2008, Robin sadly passed on to Yàsháin. He will be sorely missed by all his friends, and of course by his family. His family and estate have, however, established Kelestia Productions Ltd to continue work on his vision for HârnWorld and the HârnMaster rule system.