Kingdom of Vitho and Kingdom of Menema

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I need a Little help.

I'am I tinking of getting a party that their adventure base has been on Skorkyne, Emelrene, Harbaal and Hurisea, to Hepekerya to star a campaign there.
I was thinking of moving them first to the kingdom of Vitho, make some comflict with Dalani tribes, then with some Vitho Nobles against each other, then moving them to Menena and had some conflicts between Menema and other kingdoms Menema taking an expansion mentality or something of the sort.

The help I need is since Vitho is a former Azeryan colony I view Azeryan culture as some sort of Roman / Byzntine culture or should I despict them more like a Roman empire?
Hepekeria kingdoms I see them as some kind of African Mediterranean on Menema Dysor, etc.... and the central kingdoms as some sort of Bedouin kind of culture.
In Menenma I was thinking of making it inspired on the "Kingdom of Africa" of the 11th century that were conquered by the Lombards of the Kingdom of Sicily and Italy ? Any thoughts / Help ?

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Personally, I default to the Byzantine Empire for ideas regarding the Azeryani. Not so much for the details of military and administration, but for the overall sophistication and generally sclerotic culture.

I'd compare the coastal states to some of the petty states around southern Italy and the Adriatic in that time frame - all those little duchies and principalities (Spoleto, Benevento, Apulia, Bari, Epirus, Amalfi, etc..) that even Wikipedia can't keep track of. Norman Sicily is in that area, but Norman Palermo was a much bigger and more important city than anything in Menema - I'd go with the smaller realms or a different time period. Visigothic Spain and Vandal Africa also might give you some ideas.

Of course, the caveat here is that the KP writers look to the real world for just two things - inspiration and sanity checking. Don't try too hard to fit it all into a Terran timeline or geography.

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The characters could always start in Cherafir on Harn, or visit Chelemby or Berema, and learn that they will need to head to Hepekeria to complete whatever task they have been assigned.

Let's say they're after an Ivinian pirate who'd been responsible for slaughtering someone dear to the characters - and he's headed off to the ex-pat Ivinian colony down south to catch some sunshine with the other semi-retired Ivinian pirate scum, so off they must go to catch him and bring him back, tanned and fit and ready for the noose.

Of course, when they get there that's when they find complications, and that leads them across the face of Hepekeria, getting into their usual scrapes wherever they go.

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I started a group of 5 freshly created characters in Chelemby, all wanting to go there because they had heard there were riches to be made there. I modeled the ship's crew after Firefly and off they went. Lots of stops along the way and even more when they got there. My Hepekaria, I'm sure, was nothing like what these guys will come up with but the group seemed to enjoy it. It took about a year (real time) to get there meeting every other Friday evening. Wouldn't have taken that long but a hurricane struck them sailing from Tarkain almost killing everyone. This forced them so far west without a mast they almost missed Kepekaria when they headed south. Great fun.