Harnic Tarot Module v3

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I've been looking through the PDF module, and I've spotted a few typos. These are the ones I've caught so far.


Em-dashes are not displayed, particularly on p. 4.

The word "divinitory" is usually spelled "divinatory."


The paragraph at the end of p6 is cut off abruptly:-

The Subject
Often, there is a specific question or subject put by the querent and/or reader. Any question may be asked, but the reading is as likely to concern itself at least as much with tangential matter(s), and may not a

Ace of Flames

The description text is repeated in the Divinatory Meaning and Reversed sections.

King of Wands

The Green King's Description, Divinatory Meaning and Reversed passages are identical to the Knight of Wands.

Major Card XV - Escutcheon
The word is correctly spelled on the card illustration, but spelled "ESCUTHCHEON" in the description panel.

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Let me start with this: I love the tarot cards. They're beautiful and seem as well constructed as any deck of cards one might buy. I also enjoy the rules for using them. I've ignored the rules in the past because, without cards, they seemed ... vague and not useful.

However, the fact that there are still typos of such significance in the *electronic* file is beneath the standards of the awesome materials that Kelestia produces. Please fix them and repost the PDF for those that excitedly bought Harnic Tarot. I'm not asking for some revision of the expensive cards themselves, just the PDF. This should be a no-brainer.

Thank you,

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Yup! A new version of the pdf should be available soon.

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Many thanks in advance.
as soon as the cards arrive, I'll write up a review on the forums.

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An updated v3.01 of the Hârnic Tarot PDF is now available, with fixed typos, and improved quality of tarot card images. If you have already purchased this product, we encourage you to re-download it.


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I got an error message when i tried to re-download the file.

"The following URL is not a valid download link. Please contact the site administrator if this message has been received in error."

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Please retry. It should work now.

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Thanks for getting back to me. The link worked. I downloaded the PDF module.
Amazing document. Thank you. I'm looking forward to the cards to go with the module now.