Harn Map

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I was just wondering if you could shed some light (being the Developers), on some map markings, on the Harn Interactive Map.
For example, the area around Kiban to Getha.
There is Cropland and Pasture, shown that are not on the original Kingdom module.
To the east of Getha on the Nephen River.
On the stream in the wilderness stretch between Getha and Brynd.
East of Shebra and Fisen in the swamps.
These just to show a few.
What do they represent; a update by Robin showing new manors?
Ruined manors?
Something else?

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Oh well

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Hi Allan,

The Harn Regional Interactive map is Robin's ultimate version of Harn. He was always tinkering and updating his material and had he lived longer I expect we would have seen updated kingdom maps as well. We have an updated Chybisa, but alas, that is the only one he was able to see completed.

I would read that cropland as currently cultivated, and that probably rules out ruined manors. Could it perhaps be cropland not associated with any manor? Seems unlikely that the authorities would allow squatters. Perhaps we are talking about land that is attached to an existing manor in the form of hamlets?

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So treat them as PHarn material.